New York Times - Nov 18 2017

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Clues Answers
'Hope ___ to mortals / And most believe her': Housman LIES
'I'm off!' TATA
'Sure thing, bro!' YEAHDUDE
'The Last Emperor,' e.g EPIC
'What's the ___?' USE
'You can't be serious!' PUHLEASE
Absence of preconceived notions TABULARASA
Beer-and-lemonade beverage SHANDY
Big blow for a musician? TUBA
Boolean or string, in programming DATATYPE
Bug catcher, often BETATESTER
Cheap cigar, slangily ELROPO
Cremona treasures, familiarly STRADS
Date SEE
Depreciation factor WEAR
Dodgers second baseman who won four consecutive Silver Slugger Awards beginning in 2006 CHASEUTLEY
Ehud Barak abandoned it in 2011 LABORPARTY
Eponym of a federal college grant PELL
Eponym of an electrical law OHM
Flower child fashion TIEDYE
Furnish LEND
Gymnastics superstar at the 2016 Olympics BILES
Home of Northwest Nazarene Univ IDA
Icebreaker? THAW
ID anew, as on Facebook RETAG
Is forced to backpedal, say EATSCROW
Key used to make an exit ESC
Kung ___ chicken PAO
Like slapstick comics, often PIED
Match book? SCOREPAD
Modern money-saving transportation choice UBERPOOL
Noted corporate raider of the 1980s ICAHN
On the up and up LEGIT
One with a wrench in his plans? REPAIRMAN
One with whom your relationship is working out, briefly? PETEACHER
Clues Answers
Overture, e.g OPUS
Pac-Man features DOTS
Paint crudely DAUB
Partner of 27-Down EVE
Partner of 34-Across ADAM
People might profit from it ADSALE
Perfect HONE
Possibility OPTION
Postgrad goal, maybe MSDEGREE
Presidential middle name BAINES
Price of R&B LLOYD
Put out, with 'off' TEED
Put the kibosh on SCOTCH
Reason for saying 'Pardon me' BURP
Response to a riot HAHAHA
Restraint technique in mixed martial arts ARMBAR
Roughly 18 inches CUBIT
See 41-Across CARDS
Series opener PARTI
Setting for several 'Survivor' seasons SAMOA
Shags, e.g DOS
Smidgens MITES
Something found on a hound DEWLAP
Storied loser in an upset HARE
Sylvia of jazz SYMS
The antagonists THEM
The hardest part when making guacamole? AVOCADOPIT
Tour grp USO
Trouble ADO
Unpatentable thing IDEA
With 10-Down, The Devil and Death TAROT
Youngster in a stream OTTERPUP