New York Times - Nov 16 2017

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Clues Answers
'Pow!' BAM
'Survivor' host Jeff PROBST
'You bet!' COUNTONIT
22+ pages of the Oxford English Dictionary SET
All those in favor AYES
Almanac entry FACT
Alternative to an elbow, maybe PSST
Application fig SSN
Application figs GPAS
Be against ABUT
Bid first OPENED
Brand trusted by 'cooks who know' CRISCO
Burst of laughter GALE
Burst of laughter PEAL
Calculator button SIN
Call off ABORT
Celeb chef Batali MARIO
Christmas purchases HAMS
City light NEON
Click it ICON
Come down hard? HAIL
Corn kernel, e.g NIBLET
Discharges EGESTS
Exclamation that's also the name of a cable channel BRAVO
Frequent van Gogh setting ARLES
General ___ ('Superman' villain) ZOD
German steel city ESSEN
Get some sun TAN
Gig gear AMPS
Grad students' hurdles ORALS
Host Mike of 'Dirty Jobs' and 'Somebody's Gotta Do It' ROWE
Kind of look with bangs and eye shadow EMO
Latin lover's phrase TEAMO
Liable to peep NOSY
Like good farmland ARABLE
Madhouse ZOO
More untrustworthy SLIMIER
Narrowly defeat EDGEOUT
Clues Answers
Not just any old THE
Often-questionable account ALIBI
One who has a ball at work? SEER
Options on an IHOP table SYRUPS
Paid (up) PONIED
Parrots a pigeon? COOS
Partner of starts FITS
Pioneering 1990s computer game MYST
Prefix with gendered CIS
Quartet member CELLO
Say blah blah blah blah blah BABBLE
See 17-Across TAUTOLOGY
See 25-Across RECURSION
See 58-Across TAUTOLOGY
See ??-Across AMBIGUITY
Seemingly forever AGES
Shoots the breeze GABS
Short end of the stick BUMDEAL
Smoothie fruit ACAI
Snookums TOOTS
Some yacht assistants CABINBOYS
Something that might be settled over drinks BARBET
Something you have in a chair LAP
Strike out OMIT
Teeny ITSY
Thwarts FOILS
Transfix RIVET
Upscale hotel chain OMNI
Wake-up call? BUGLE
Was affected by too heavy a weight, say GROANED
What ' ' contains SPACE
What a mess! STY
What you might see the big game on SAFARI
Wile E. Coyote prop TNT
Yacht destination, maybe ISLE
___ Rohmer, French New Wave director ERIC