The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26884

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Clues Answers
'O Lord, ascending' in touching prayer ORISON
A nipper, young royal, displacing king PINCER
Cake and beer, getting in round as reward brownie point
Doctor given degree and job in complex procedure RIGMAROLE
Drove all over the place, collecting payment for stuff OVERFEED
First to join race, he's determined to succeed CAREERIST
Gentleness keeping foolish person in line LENITY
Hardy official here to pick players for game without hesitation CASTERBRIDGE
How geraniums should be cultivated for gathering house-warming
How scheme ends, with a number taken into corporation? EATEN
Instrumental noise has a penetrating vigour OOMPAH
Ironclad jewellery's ornamental trimming FRINGE
Islander from youth detention centre Minorcan
Kept aware of where to spend a penny, then another in the loop
Clues Answers
Kind of drink one drinker chilled briefly ISOTONIC
Knocking back ecstasy, endure endless rave EFFUSE
Nothing left untouched in sanctuary OASIS
Queen cutting tax reserve where working is shown? exercise book
Reason stores love men serving person shopping? INFORMER
Recoil from stuffing in kebab, horrified ABHOR
Repetition of tea dance cha-cha
Retract diatribe about group in Brussels RECANT
Sea egret flying around part of ship STEERAGE
Second novel, say, that's terrifying writer SCHILLER
Sheepish oenophile not having the heart to swallow booze from abroad OVINE
Stop that group of animals? This person can pack it in
Warning certainly heard by some in beach FORESHORE
What not to ask a lady about hanky-panky or background HERITAGE