- Dec 15 2008

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Clues Answers
''Wonderful!'' GREAT
24-hr. cash sources ATMS
60-minute periods: Abbr. HRS
Applaud CLAP
Apply the brakes SLOW
Arrange in a certain order SORT
As expected TRUETOFORM
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Attack, as a fly SWAT
Back of a boat STERN
Baker's quantity BATCH
Became inedible WENTBAD
Bering and Baltic SEAS
Blissful spots EDENS
Breakfast rolls BAGELS
Brief letter NOTE
Bullring ''bravo!'' OLE
Christmas carols NOELS
Clock-radio feature ALARM
College military unit: Abbr. ROTC
Coped with HANDLED
Coral island ATOLL
Detests ABHORS
Difficult journey TREK
Diva's solo ARIA
Evaluated RATED
Extremely pale ASHEN
Family rooms DENS
Female pig SOW
Free-for-all MELEE
French cheese BRIE
Fungus on 25 Across BREADMOLD
Gave a meal to FED
Gem from an oyster PEARL
Gives an autograph SIGNS
Hard work LABOR
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Historical times ERAS
Illinois city, for short CHI
Clues Answers
Lengthy stories SAGAS
Less wordy TERSER
LP player HIFI
Luau dance HULA
Lunch time, often NOON
Main ideas THEMES
Male pig BOAR
Marsh plant REED
Midterm, for one TEST
More profound DEEPER
More sensible WISER
Narrow valley GLEN
No longer a minor OFAGE
Pair of people TWOSOME
Penn. neighbor DEL
Physicians, for short MDS
Pleasant smells AROMAS
Pub servings ALES
Ranchland unit ACRE
Reclined LAIN
Salon creation HAIRSTYLE
Search for SEEK
Skeleton part BONE
Slips away ESCAPES
Small child TOT
Small songbird WREN
Spy org. CIA
Stinging remark BARB
Strong smell ODOR
Succeed with exercise GETINSHAPE
Textile factory MILL
Thick cord ROPE
Time long past YORE
Trace of color TINGE
Uproars ADOS
Was in debt OWED
Wide-spouted pitcher EWER
Woodwind instruments OBOES
__ of lemon (drink garnish) TWIST