The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,354 - Nov 14 2017

Clues Answers
Avoids those with bills up front DUCKS
Bachelor can go to McDonalds, it's opened BLOOM
Barely see, getting on boxes SPARSELY
Blimey! That girl's smuggling drugs (heroin) SHEESH
Blocks YouTube videos? They end like this? ECLIPSES
Centre halves at the back covering block: they help make goals CROSSBARS
Characteristic of a current politician that is entertaining with moves IMPEDANCE
Easily drawn out with either side of ruler to make an impression in pen STRETCHY
Fit men in recession not working ROBUST
From the bottom, pierce hole in squash bottle JEROBOAM
Groom in Mates condom gets positive remarks COMMENDATIONS
Likely to moan from good sex, not half GRUMPY
Magazine article that could be digital TIMEPIECE
Motor to work having set off TWOSTROKE
Clues Answers
Move bottom and dance where bars have swingers who score? TABLEFOOTBALL
Recognition for clean water in dirty sink BLUEFLAG
Reduced sick wards closed for patient STOIC
Rest home's breaks in which you might get tea or coffee? THERMOSES
Returning books and a model car TOYOTA
Scores going up to check smell STENCH
Shocker! Had another go at paper when upset TASER
Sign to stop on date with blonde? REDLIGHT
Solve work that's put out DOUSE
Terrible Sun lie/fib can't be run together INFUSIBLE
They improve definition of small muscles SPECS
Tot with this baby face? Busy wiping walls ABACUS
Try getting popular on Twitter? Sad HEARTRENDING
Unfair punch: man, that hurts inside ring? BELOWTHEBELT