The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 960

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Clues Answers
A short month before Speaker becomes a moderniser of the House? DECORATOR
Barnet follows Conservative leader of meeting CHAIR
Black and silver item of luggage BAG
Cheating player playing craps hard CARDSHARP
Choirmaster’s beginning to repeat part of Mass CREDO
Cursed, being literally last in bed BLASTED
Eroded around front of ship — not so good WORSE
Father has a chap returning hat PANAMA
Fish young bear has found hard to grab? CHUB
Get annoyed breaking fork’s point in citrus fruit TANGERINE
Go up for graduation SCALE
Make a choice and compete regularly OPT
Moving to a more select café? TEAROOM
Clues Answers
New impression of non-monarchy and leaderless country republication
Not in favour of the weather generally keeping Celsius — a bit of a let-down ANTICLIMACTIC
Odd rumour, not owned by us RUM
Public school dismisses head for a lot of speed? TON
Singer in first ENO Rigoletto TENOR
Standard offer of a choice of ends for Nottingham NORM
Tell-tale in class, ever on the outside INFORMER
The man’s gaining tons in robbery HEIST
Tirade about a member of parliament that’s unrestrained RAMPANT
Tired and exhausted vehicle owner crashing CAREWORN
Travelling salesman having a meal and coming back again REPEATING
Visitor caught everyone with Queen CALLER
What tall ape could be reconstructed from? A kneecap PATELLA