The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 083

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Clues Answers
“Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ____ mathematics” (GH Hardy) UGLY
1944 novella by Colette GIGI
1967 single by Jeff Beck combining catchphrase and proverb in its title Hi Ho Silver Lining
1995 comedy film loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma CLUELESS
A cheap cigar STOGIE
A leaf bug, or the protein shell of a virus CAPSID
A nomadic Saharan people or their Berber language TUAREG
Administrative centre of Clackmannanshire ALLOA
Alias of Thomas Anderson in The Matrix films NEO
Approximately 4.18 joules CALORIE
Austrian F1 driver whose final win was the 1997 German Grand Prix Gerhard Berger
Birthplace of comedian Robbie Coltrane and impressionist Janet Brown rutherglen
Both sexes of these antelopes have spirally twisted horns ELANDS
Carl ____’s fourth symphony, 'The Inextinguishable', includes a 'battle' between two timpanists NIELSEN
Christina ____ played Wednesday Addams and Lizzie Borden, each in more than one film RICCI
Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson Two Fat Ladies
Coarse fibre from coconut husk COIR
Cultivated plant meant to attract pests from another trap crop
Currency with yuan, jiao and fen as units RENMINBI
Delicatessen which specialises in meats CHARCUTERIE
First words of Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd
Former choreographer and artistic director of Birmingham Royal Ballet Sir Peter Wright
Former footballer who recently announced his intention to become a professional boxer Rio Ferdinand
French writer who said, 'One is not born a woman, one becomes one' Simone de Beauvoir
From a New Testament bible story, involving a headlong rush to do something GADARENE
Gaming console launched by Nintendo in 1983 NES
Gear train which allows wheels on the same axle to rotate independently DIFFERENTIAL
Historical novelist whose works include Restoration and The Road Home Rose Tremain
Hungarian composer of a Concerto for Orchestra Bela Bartok
Clues Answers
In French, unique or unequalled sans pareil
In The Tempest, the rightful Duke of Milan PROSPERO
Inhabitant of the Scottish region which formerly consisted of Wigtownshire and Kirkcudbrightshire gallovidian
Islands formerly called the East Indies Malay Archipelago
Italian town, formerly host of the San Marino Grand Prix IMOLA
ITV game show originally hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck Winner Takes All
Joko Widodo is the president of this republic in the 17 INDONESIA
Launched in 1933, the first synthetic detergent DREFT
Leader of a wolf pack in The Jungle Book AKELA
Loss of voice APHONIA
Metal stud placed in the sole of a shoe to prevent wear SEG
Michael Douglas character in Wall Street and its 2010 sequel Gordon Gekko
Nickname for Saddam Hussein, coined by George Bush Butcher of Baghdad
Paul ____ was the best-known member of a family of 19th-century German gunsmiths MAUSER
Shakespeare comedy depicting the courtship of Petruchio and Katherina The Taming of the Shrew
Small house, or a separately occupied part of one MAISONETTE
South African province whose capital is Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal
Southwestern county of Northern Ireland FERMANAGH
Stage name of Brian Duffy, drummer of The Stranglers Jet Black
Sticky poison-treated material used to trap insects FLYPAPER
Synthetic polymer accidentally created in 1872 by Eugen Baumann PVC
Texan city to the west of Dallas Fort Worth
The American equivalent of an exit slip road off-ramp
The eve of a holy day VIGIL
The first Archbishop of Canterbury AUGUSTINE
The only member of the NATO phonetic alphabet which is the reversal of another (English) word GOLF
The only person born outside the USA to win the Olympic decathlon title twice in a row Daley Thompson
The right to vote SUFFRAGE
To send a file to an Internet location UPLOAD