USA Today - Nov 10 2017

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Clues Answers
"O Tannenbaum" tree FIR
"World of Warcraft" forces ARMIES
Acceptable condition GOODSHAPE
Architectural add-ons ELLS
Ave. intersectors STS
Avoid artfully EVADE
Beverage with a burger SODA
Bit of hope, so to speak RAY
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Bringer of holiday eggs BUNNY
Canal completed in 1825 ERIE
Candy in a cylindrical package ROLO
Catwalk walker FASHIONMODEL
Charlie Brown's "Blast it!" RATS
Chew the rag GAB
Clio or Erato MUSE
Clubs for approach shots IRONS
Converts to cash REDEEMS
Credit counterpart DEBIT
Disperse like a search party FANOUT
Displays vexation FRETS
Do a shylock's work LEND
Drop on a cheek TEAR
Ed who played Mingo on "Daniel Boone" AMES
Engaged in litigation SUED
Far from clueless AWARE
Farmer Hoggett's movie pig BABE
Give, as flavor IMPART
Go to extremes with OVERDO
Greenbacks MOOLAH
Greenwich guy CHAP
Groundskeeper's supply SOD
Grow threadbare WEAR
Growth on a loaf BREADMOLD
Hair-protecting kerchief DORAG
Honey color AMBER
In unison, on a score ADUE
Involves, as in controversy EMBROILS
Items in a ballpark rack BATS
Clues Answers
Judicial attire ROBES
Kiri Te Kanawa delivery ARIA
Kiss on the cheek PECK
Knight's mount STEED
Known far and wide FAMED
Leave dumbfounded STUN
Lie against ABUT
Like a hillside SLOPED
Lumber camp tool AXE
Machu Picchu's land PERU
Make more readable, perhaps EDIT
Mariner's mop SWAB
Milk carton phrase USEBY
Movie studio tour sights SETS
Myanmar, before 1989 BURMA
Pay the initiation fee JOIN
Preprinted stationery buy BUSINESSFORM
Prospector's strike ORE
Reacts to pollen, perhaps SNEEZES
Retweet, essentially SHARE
Rob of the Brat Pack LOWE
Rust and laughing gas, for two OXIDES
Ski resort trails RUNS
Smucker's jarful JAM
Special Forces headgear BERETS
Stephen of "The Crying Game" REA
Stone in pendants OPAL
Talk show focus TOPIC
They may be loosened after big dinners BELTS
Underhanded sort SNEAK
Unfortunate destiny DOOM
Unlikely to assert oneself MEEK
Utah's state gem TOPAZ
Warhol's works ART
Warthog's weapon TUSK
Whiskey drink SOUR
Wild guess STAB
Word after tall or short STORY