The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7493

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Clues Answers
American pit vipers RATTLESNAKES
Ancient merchant ship ARGOSY
Attempt to find SEEK
Betting odds EVENS
Brilliant red SCARLET
Cause to be loved ENDEAR
Chapel; public speaking ORATORY
Dance club DISCO
Draft laws BILLS
Ever widening curve SPIRAL
Examination of one's thoughts INTROSPECTION
Excellent SUPERB
Clues Answers
Father Christmas SANTA
Gemstone OPAL
Item of footwear SHOE
Leather fastening STRAP
Lowest singing voice BASS
Put a point on SHARPEN
Puzzling problem POSER
Revitalisation RENEWAL
Round top of a jersey crew neck
Treacherous two-faced
Type of bus double-decker