Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 12 2017

Clues Answers
'-- me?' ('What'd ya say?') SCUSE
'-- Na Na' SHA
'-- So Fine' (1963 hit) HES
'Dog whisperer' Millan CESAR
'E pluribus --' UNUM
'Gone' boy band NSYNC
'High Voltage' band ACDC
'Relax!' EASY
'Send me!' ILLGO
'Ta-ta!' BYEBYE
'The Jeffersons' actress Sanford ISABEL
'Zip it up!' SHH
-- Hashana ROSH
--TV (cable channel) TRU
1910s senator Root ELIHU
A shoulder shrug exercises it TRAPEZIUSMUSCLE
Actress Birch of 'American Beauty' THORA
Added stipulations ANDS
Alexis I, e.g TSAR
Army division UNIT
Bad city air SMOG
Beatles song that's an apt alternate title for this puzzle TWOOFUS
Berry of a Brazilian 1-Across ACAI
Bird of the 58-Across EMU
Blue Ribbon beer brewer PABST
Body part with the ACL KNEE
British brews ALES
By way of VIA
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Cartoonist Addams, familiarly CHAS
CBS journalist Charles OSGOOD
Chachi player Scott BAIO
Chit letters IOU
Clip, as wool SHEAR
Country singer Clark TERRI
Court great Arthur ASHE
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Cut coverer BANDAGE
Cutting beam LASER
Dairy beasts COWS
Des -- (capital of Iowa) MOINES
Digital dough ECASH
Don't disturb LETBE
Double curves ESSES
Duplicated COPIED
Electric or water co UTIL
Endemic NATIVE
Evaluate ASSESS
Facial feature of Mark Twain WALRUSMUSTACHE
Farm tool HOE
Female fowl HENS
Field of a homebuilder HOUSINGINDUSTRY
First ex of Donald IVANA
Floor mop SWAB
Flunkies' responses YESES
For no particular reason JUSTBECAUSE
Formed MADE
Foxlike SLY
Fry a bit SAUTE
Get decayed ROT
Get lippy with SASS
GoPro, e.g CAM
Grain bit OAT
Green fruit LIME
Group that services car owners AUTOCLUB
Haunting one GHOST
Hem, e.g SEW
Here, to Luc ICI
High degs PHDS
Hitchcock film of 1964 MARNIE
In a spine-chilling way CREEPILY
Clues Answers
Inits. on a navy vessel USS
Intensifies BUILDS
Island nation in the Pacific NAURU
Island of Venice RIALTO
Itty bit IOTA
Judicious WISE
King-to-be HEIR
LA-to-MI dir NNE
LAX posting ETA
Lay odds BET
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Little bay COVE
Lower baseball leagues MINORS
Luxury airport transport LIMOUSINEBUS
Many a critic RATER
Med. group HMO
Memo start INRE
Milky gem OPAL
Moisten, as poultry BASTE
More guarded LEERIER
More unsightly UGLIER
Moses' peak SINAI
Neill of film SAM
No-charge FREE
Oatmeal bath brand AVEENO
Old TV's 'Remington --' STEELE
One of the Gandhis INDIRA
Org. for Roger Federer ATP
Pants parts WAISTS
Part of SW WEST
Patch variety IRONON
Piercing ACUTE
Plotting aids GRIDS
Poker hand of four clubs and one heart, say BUSTEDFLUSH
Post-Kantian philosopher Georg HEGEL
Pottery piece SHARD
Practically no time AFLASH
Priestly hat MITER
Put in a box ENCASE
Put in groups ASSORT
Red-brown AUBURN
Ruhr's chief city ESSEN
Sage guide GURU
Sean of '50 First Dates' ASTIN
See 115-Down OFF
Slapped, e.g STRUCK
Slippery swimmers EELS
Sloop sail JIB
Smelter junk SLAG
So-so mark CEE
Soft caps BERETS
Somewhat ATAD
Sorority letters ZETAS
Spaghetti sauce brand RAGU
Suffix with resin or peril OUS
Taylor tyke of old TV OPIE
Tchr.'s gp NEA
Test for univ. seniors GRE
Thick, head-hiding top HOODIE
TKO caller REF
Tread STEP
Tropical tree PALM
Trunk gunk SAP
Uncertain things IFS
Univ. email ender EDU
VII doubled XIV
Wear out TIRE
Weep noisily SOB
What a patent or copyright might grant EXCLUSIVEUSE
With 6-Down, start a round of golf TEE