Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 6 2017

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Clues Answers
A foreign president made it known one doesn't have a partner UNPAIRED
Basic research starts and ends with composer BACH
Clever type from The Tempest will need to do this to arrive at 23 down BRAINSTORM
Clip of rejected clips? SNIP
Harsh clip overshadows Spike's one that might explain 16 down SPINSTER
Have one's heart set on borders with English ivy ENVY
Individual covering race by fellow in The Gambler BETTINGMAN
Instructions for fans' price for One Direction RECIPE
It could be unsettling playing tiring Dubs DISTURBING
Lecture produced by institute in that line of work TIRADE
Lift lid off casual drugs for those legally in possession OWNERS
Negative response about a European leading negotiation hailed by the French NAPOLEON
No bar covers? Most of the accommodation is for 1,000 of the aristocracy! NOBLEMAN
No late shift in temporary shelter LEANTO
Clues Answers
One from the Park Reserve on the telephone BUCK
Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report PAPER
Put up with performance around Coldplay's first record ACCEPT
Raised the issue for relative that was hired Parented
Resent, for example, never-ending shift outside BEGRUDGE
Ron is not in the lounge bar for an expensive fish dinner BELUGA
Rushed off one's feet by us moving BUSY
Sailor takes drugs with addict ABUSER
Sorry I missed that free motorway to Spain PARDONME
South American city first team's jerseys, socks and shorts worn by The Boys in Blue during The Rising RIOTGEAR
Spring recalls writer's point holding the yarn together BOBBIN
Sworn statement of French stance DEPOSITION
Try to get away from dietary plan IDEA