The Telegraph - Cryptic - Oct 28 2017

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Clues Answers
A crew competent and compliant AMENABLE
Article thanks Greek character THETA
Bans partner's parents after divorce? OUTLAWS
Better in extra large, as they say EXCEL
Colourful creature, something in the garden to be eaten by cat? PARAKEET
Compass moved quickly, finally pointing east RANGE
Cut mostly fine bundle SHEAF
Expressionless corpse with power to drive medium away DEADPAN
Get into shape before couple's announcement PREPARE
Give up returning fashionable decadent clothes CEDE
Hearts, perhaps, surrounding dodgy ref -- it's too much SURFEIT
Joint champions? TOPSIDE
Just need van he'd damaged EVENHANDED
Look up Eastern wine -- it enhances the memory KEEPSAKE
One hanging on where falling soldier might be found PARASITE
Partner runs from part of tennis match ALLY
Clues Answers
Perform in French before a court ENACT
Plot way to catch cold PATCH
Professional leaving right and left boot out EXPEL
Realistic after rehearsal, shortened a line PRACTICAL
Ruined ancestral city LANCASTER
Security wanting all to clear off COLLATERAL
Story put out, very heartless and confused TOPSYTURVY
Super-vile, possibly REPULSIVE
Swapping RE, senior pupil gets 10/10? PERFECT
Swimmer in quartet among 18 from the south CARP
The old students shout YELL
Timelessly seductive woman is queen EMPRESS
Walk open-armed when upset PROMENADE
Weaknesses shown by supporters of Cassius? FEETOFCLAY
Where one might find sportspeople are not available ARENA
Work in 'Bill & Ted' took over ADOPTED