- Nov 5 2017

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Clues Answers
#2 software maker after Microsoft ORACLE
''For life's sore spots'' sloganeer BENGAY
''That will be __ the set of sun'': ''Macbeth'' ERE
''Unto the Sons'' memoirist TALESE
''Yeah, let's try that!'' NEATIDEA
A going concern: Abbr ETD
As directed ONCUE
Baby __ STEP
Brit's police vehicle PANDACAR
Bundle of energy FIREBALL
Cannoneer's calculation ARC
Certain ''Divine Comedy'' sinner USURER
Construction beside some banks LEVEE
Direct, à la ''Variety'' LENS
Early hit for Microsoft DOS
Elton John musical hero ELLIOT
Emanuel succeeded him in 2011 DALEY
Empathy inducer SOBSTORY
European language branch SLAVIC
Feel inclined to PLEASE
Fleeing RUN
Former ESPN owner ABC
Frequent action-film villain ASSASSIN
Good at misdirection SLY
Goya's oil paint OLEO
Head-bobbing walker HEN
Highly successfully BIG
Introduction for English ANGLO
It's not so fast TROT
It's wrapped when worn BOA
Kettle follower, in snack brands KORN
Kitchen descriptor EATIN
L.A.'s Crocker and Marathon STS
Latin Quarter institution SORBONNE
Loophole-free IRONCLAD
MacArthur's home, 1935-1941 MANILA
Clues Answers
Make it competitive again COMEBACK
McCartney wrote one for Liverpool ORATORIO
Metro map adverb ICI
Most Turks and Egyptians SUNNI
Norris' birth name CARLOS
Not innovative COPIED
Of alchemy, astrology, etc OCCULT
Old-style opposite of ''welcomed'' ILLMET
Page One leaker of 1973 ELLSBERG
Port founded by Catherine the Great ODESSA
Promoter of boxers KENNELCLUB
Rams and bulls SIRES
Rio Grande Plaza locale LAREDO
Salutation that sounds edible CIAO
Save (as a show), since 2000 TIVO
Series often set in casinos CSI
Short time BIT
Skeptic's query ISTHATSO
Snap to do SLAMDUNK
Some customers NUNS
Subdued STILL
Subtle shading NUANCE
Temporal threshold EVE
Time for Hanoi fireworks TET
Title character of the BBC drama ''Bondmaker'' IAN
Top ''SportsCentury'' track star OWENS
Tops in service OLDEST
Torte or tortoni ingredient EGG
Unconfident preface IFIMNOTMISTAKEN
Underpinning BASIS
Unhelpful advice re adversity DEALWITHIT
What Dr. Oz got with his M.D MBA
Wrestler personas HEMEN
Xbox's motion controller KINECT
__ rat LAB