Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 3 2017

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Clues Answers
8 across is organising the score for those producing The Wild Bunch, for instance FLOWERARRANGING
Colourful type from The D?il is responsible for 8 across GREENHOUSE
Count's men leave demands ADDS
Don't ignore leaders overtaken by events on Fourth of July OBEY
Expose bank's bailout pressure BARE
Flighty type upsets revolutionary in local government, for starters GLIDER
Hitting one's stride going around in leather HIDE
Hurt a leg playing in fits LAUGHTER
In every respect to be hard working is only fair THOROUGHLY
Investigate accommodation that's approachable for one of those on a shoestring? EYELET
It's fitting in Belgium and half of Romania to be more intelligent BRIGHTER
New users mixed up by those working in hospitals NURSES
Old Germans losing the head with Putin's people RUSSIANS
Old Wesley is in the red OWES
Clues Answers
Produced cider on time with the bank's money CREDIT
Ros? from The Rhone? FLOWER
Said one's goodbyes to Split DEPARTED
Shoot up in Portobello, for one MUSHROOM
Slept on it a little bit or gave the go-ahead NODDED
Sorted out one of the marriages ARRANGED
Sounds like The Lions have no front rows? OARS
Stirs things for poets on a roll TEASPOON
Take turns removing tea from storage boxes TRUNKS
Targets for old capital MARKS
The current trend for county getting running water DOWNSTREAM
They keep an eye on the offspring of mature animals ADULTS
Twisted someone's arm to give a shot in the arm with first drug ENCOURAGED
Woman loses the head toying with irritating type ANNOYING