Universal - Oct 30 2017

Clues Answers
"A Boy Named ___" SUE
"Dynamic" prefix AERO
"Scat!" SHOO
Admirer FAN
Amazes AWES
Amphibian climber TREEFROG
Asian nanny AMAH
Author Murdoch IRIS
Author of "Lucky Jim" AMIS
Awkward goon OAF
Barcelona bread DINERO
Beaches SHORES
Beaches of Acapulco PLAYAS
Bean type (var.) SOYA
Big name in electric cars TESLA
Black of country CLINT
Bodybuilder Charles ATLAS
Boxer's stat REACH
Cambodian currency RIEL
Column complement ROW
Cornrows unit PLAIT
Cozy abode NEST
Dangerous UNSAFE
Danson and Williams TEDS
DEA agents NARCS
Decomposes ROTS
Decorator's choices STYLES
Deserve EARN
Destinies KARMAS
Director Fritz LANG
Dog bane FLEA
Eagle over 44-Across ERNE
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Extinct big birds MOAS
Extreme ULTRA
Extreme boredom ENNUI
Fish cookout FRY
Clues Answers
Footnote word IDEM
French street RUE
Get better HEAL
Gilpin of "Frasier" PERI
Inquire ASK
Inventor Whitney ELI
Johannesburg area SOWETO
Missouri river OSAGE
Molecule part ATOM
Move furtively SNEAK
Naked NUDE
Not many AFEW
Not new USED
Old Greek marketplaces AGORAS
Orange part PEEL
Participates in a bee SPELLS
Plea for help SOS
Possessed HAD
Prefix with "prove" DIS
Private student TUTEE
Rugged alpine crests ARETES
Run with little effort LOPE
School org. PTA
Seed cover ARIL
Shredded side dish SLAW
Skater's jumps AXELS
Social outcast LEPER
Start to "Domingo" SANTO
Suffixes with "organ" ISMS
Thin strips of wood LATHS
TV/VCR maker of old RCA
Unit of illumination LUX
Water, as a garden IRRIGATE
What old newspapers do, eventually YELLOWWITHAGE
What some become when terrified WHITEWITHFRIGHT
Whispered call PSST
___ Forest University WAKE