USA Today - Oct 30 2017

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Clues Answers
"Family Feud" feature SURVEY
"Game of Thrones" channel HBO
"Juno" star Page ELLEN
"Makes sense" ISEE
"On Golden Pond" birds LOONS
11-Down attachment WHEEL
2015 biopic about a computer visionary STEVEJOBS
Address a convention ORATE
Adventurous search QUEST
Alligator's abode SWAMP
Alt-country, e.g GENRE
Athletic shoe brand since 1979 AVIA
Birth announcement notation SEX
Boar's mate SOW
Browse the internet SURF
Canal called "Clinton's Ditch" ERIE
Comical Carrey JIM
Confined, with "up" PENT
Cords with name tags LANYARDS
Decides not to toss KEEPS
Deliver via airlift DROP
Dieter's count, in grams FATS
Drivetrain rod AXLE
DVR button PLAY
Formulator of the law of universal gravitation ISAACNEWTON
Friend of a tiny septet SNOWWHITE
Fruit associated with 17- and 56-Across and 10- and 24-Down APPLE
Galleon's milieu SEA
Guesser's words ORSO
Harness race gait TROT
Ill will SPITE
In danger of extinction, perhaps RARE
Kind of cravat ASCOT
Like base-stealing threats SPEEDY
Like one soap-opera twin EVIL
Like Yoda or Confucius WISE
Longish skirt MIDI
Man-lion of Giza SPHINX
Clues Answers
Meeting room item EASEL
Meets at the door GREETS
Memory slip LAPSE
Metal in many batteries ZINC
Movie premiere VIP STAR
One-third of a hat trick GOAL
Outward manner MIEN
Pet in Bedrock DINO
Prefix with space or drome AERO
Purple Heart, e.g MEDAL
Puzzle in a cornfield, perhaps MAZE
Receded from shore EBBED
Response to a bad pun GROAN
Risk-free SAFE
Ritalin and Xanax, briefly MEDS
Robs of energy SAPS
Salsa-topped munchie TACO
Select invitees ALIST
Sen. Franken's former show SNL
Shampoo bottle direction RINSE
Show mercy RELENT
Showing mercy LENIENT
Sit up for AWAIT
Snake's warning HISS
Source of sweet sap MAPLE
Spreader of magic dust, in folklore PIXIE
Stable parent MARE
Steakhouse utensil KNIFE
Stood out in the rain, say GOTWET
Stretch out ELONGATE
Stylized to a fault ARTY
The calm within a storm EYE
Things pointed at THOSE
Took part in a bee QUILTED
Units of 63-Across DOSES
Victorian ___ ERA
What nuthatches hatch from EGGS
Where scenes are shot SETS
Worry-free state EASE