The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,921 - Oct 15 2017

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Clues Answers
A voyage back as result of making a name for oneself ALIAS
About fifty, fired, took it easy RELAXED
Accepts I must change line that's dubious SCEPTICAL
Achieved 50 per cent of score after pro not recalled FORGOTTEN
Anxious female with expression of disgust trapped by rodent FRAUGHT
Author raised fortune with second play TOLSTOY
Chopping out odd pieces, always fears powerful cutter LASER
Demand too much of public ahead of a vote OVERTAX
Dissenter in this position joining spasmodic movement HERETIC
Expedition for students if led badly leads to fall FIELDTRIP
Figure out about name in reports GUNFIRE
First letter one found in old language, then another one turned up INITIAL
Flower-girl covering up about it without breaking law LICITLY
I recover without male doctor, in unethical way IMMORALLY
Leaders of parties on left and right, as different as can be POLAR
Libertine consuming good kind of wine from France ROUGE
Clues Answers
Lock as part of theatre's security TRESS
Low number accepting call for peace? Nonsense MOONSHINE
Maine's not mistaken for another state MINNESOTA
Million I bet in error MISTAKE
Monotonous way to vocalise with instrument HUMDRUM
One of best three dinners initially found in menu? MEDALLIST
Out of the ordinary places I recollected SPECIAL
Quarrel started by daughter, in essence DRIFT
Representative who's becoming more broad-minded? TRAVELLER
Ring concerning something we hear RESOUND
Stuff covering cake finally? CREAM
Tested product of mine, for example, in a small edition ASSAYED
Thrilled over minimal money being paid out SPENT
Was ruler guided like Arab, from what we hear? REIGNED
With maximal organisation, temperature falls in it TIDIEST
Within remaining time, is becoming red LEFTIST