The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7482

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Clues Answers
Aircraft engine JET
American garment NECKTIE
Corrosive liquid ACID
Dairy product BUTTER
Edible seed PEANUT
Fall behind LAG
Formal interview AUDIENCE
Former gold coin DUCAT
French city DIJON
Go backwards RETREAT
Greek letter S SIGMA
Housebreaker BURGLAR
Let fall DROP
Light motor cycle MOPED
Clues Answers
Medicinal substance DRUG
Northern diving duck SCOTER
Nuclear energy source REACTOR
Of far southern regions ANTARCTIC
One of Caesar's assassins BRUTUS
One producing offspring BREEDER
Optical element LENS
Powerful person MOGUL
Projecting piece of land PENINSULA
Scientific investigation RESEARCH
Small naval ship GUNBOAT
Tension-reducing 21 down RELAXANT
Tester of knowledge EXAMINER
Very large GREAT