The Telegraph - Toughie - Oct 27 2017

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Clues Answers
A body still has this power POTENTIALENERGY
An African throne at Whipsnade perhaps, it's said ZULU
Artist made drawing in Italy GIOTTO
Best US president TRUMP
Bones on top of cowboy DROVER
Butcher's wrapping duck, huge duck GOOSANDER
Clever person swots up about anecdote SMARTALEC
Close to me? MOREORLESS
Damage nearly all of the ribs COSTAL
Dignitary's learning to stop old sports car DELOREAN
Editor's McCarthyite epithet? REDACTOR
Force of gravity on all sides of earth GROUND
Fortune and ruin in the same order DOOM
Free gallon during opening time PORRIDGE
I stick around & look the other way IGNORE
Clues Answers
Is one in box about to see? VISIT
It's a shame, lines being wrong AWRY
It's hard work, but try to leave river INDUS
No local houses for one NEGATIVE
Not aware of junk now in gardener's keeping UNKNOWING
Old keyboard in immaculate condition VIRGINAL
Old name for 'fire' EXCITE
Religious ceremony after short trip SPIRITUAL
Side accepted by side, every side accepted ALLPARTY
Surrounded by old grass INFORMER
Take a hike -- hitch if you do? GETKNOTTED
Turn up with eastern magistrate REEVE
TV detective's right to life? IRONSIDE
Wine not still unfinished ASTI