- Oct 26 2017

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Clues Answers
''Beats me'' Nobodyknows
''Got it'' ISEE
2012 Emmy winner as a Hatfield COSTNER
Abstract artist Jean or Hans ARP
Accost unexpectedly WAYLAY
Alternatives to toner INKS
Astaire-era studio RKO
Barnyard beast EWE
Basic cable channel USA
Blade for some boats OAR
Bungle up ERR
Busy as __ ABEE
Cash in REDEEM
Certain credit-card accepter SHOP
Choppy, to Chopin STACCATO
Cleaned for a frosty takeoff DEICED
Colony member ANT
Community service group ROTARY
Did a blacksmith's job SHOED
Disciple of Socrates PLATO
Discount ticket COUPON
Done with ATANEND
Elemental material ATOMS
Etcher's purchase ACIDS
Exasperate IRK
Family nickname SIS
Fell to persuasion CAVED
Formal attire WHITETIE
Free from excitement CALM
French state ETAT
Frequent safari starting point NAIROBI
Fuss ADO
Get in touch with CONTACT
Give the go-ahead to LET
Glide down Alps SKI
Grazing land LEA
Guy said to be ''out'' ODDMAN
Clues Answers
In a blaze LIT
Indicator of ultimateness EST
Inn furniture BEDS
ISP selection DSL
Jungle beasts APES
Lightens up EASES
Literary fantasy land UTOPIA
Livelihood TRADE
Maj.'s superior COL
Make a clean slate ERASE
Make a stocking cap KNIT
Mar.-Nov. period DST
Mid-March day IDES
Of charged 6 Down IONIC
Outranking OVER
Outward image PERSONA
Periodontist's designation DDS
Place under quarantine SHUTIN
Products of the imagination IDEAS
Quits joking around SOBERS
Resting upon ATOP
Roth plans IRAS
Shortened series ender ETC
Signal for help SOS
Smug expert SNOB
Socially awkward one NERD
Sonata movement RONDO
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Stretches in the service STINTS
Suffix for salt INE
Talk defiantly SASS
Tear apart REND
The night before Christmas EVE
Thus far YET
Toddler's cupful WAWA
Totlike WEE
Trees of the mimosa family ACACIAS
True to one's cause LOYAL
Was elected WON