Wall Street Journal - Oct 26 2017 - Turning In

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Clues Answers
1950s French president Coty RENE
1955 Bo Diddley song IMAMAN
1992 Broadway show that won Tonys for its book and score FALSETTOS
2013 film that won the Best Animated Feature Oscar FROZEN
Accommodations for statues of the Apostles? TWELVENICHES
Acquire eagerly before others can SCOOPUP
Arizona license plate features CACTI
Backing side PRO
Bean on the moon ALAN
Brewmaster's collection VATS
Browbeats HECTORS
Catering containers URNS
Cheer production SUDS
City between Milan and Venice VERONA
Co. that founded NBC RCA
Combine WED
Crash cause PANIC
Djokovic's coach AGASSI
Does the Bing thing CROONS
Dostoyevsky novel DEMONS
Dumbstruck reaction AWE
Espionage objective SECRETS
Fillers of slips BOATS
First-rate ACES
Flock leader PASTOR
Fluids drawn in an alien's prenatal test? AMNIOACIDS
Flyer described by Marco Polo ROC
Flying Clouds and Royales REOS
Fremantle fellow AUSSIE
Go through thoroughly SIFT
High points ACMES
Home of the Swift and Voltaire craters DEIMOS
Its nuclear program is the subject of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action IRAN
Kin of percussion caps? MUSICALNITRO
Leaves empty ERASES
Clues Answers
Leaves home? TREE
Lets fly LOOSES
Letter from the teacher GRADE
Levine's predecessor at the Boston Symphony Orchestra OZAWA
Linus Pauling's alma mater CALTECH
Memory problem GAP
Middle of the brothers Karamazov IVAN
Miles away AFAR
Modernize RENEW
Nastily disparaging SNIDE
Neutral color ECRU
Novak Djokovic's homeland SERBIA
On behalf of FOR
Outkast rapper Big ___ BOI
Play for a chump USE
Raucous avian CROW
Real cross IRATE
Ring count TEN
Royal in a mauve sari? PURPLERANI
Sail stretcher GALE
Second half of a court game ALAI
Sen. Angus King, e.g IND
Shooting match? POOL
Single ONLY
Singular sort RAREBREED
Slips of the pen? ESCAPES
Soda jerk's creations MALTS
Stanwyck's 'The Strange Love of Martha Ivers' co-star HEFLIN
Tach fig RPM
They may come with batteries ASSAULTS
Tomb raider's worry CURSE
Tussle SCRAP
Victors in the Battle of Dun Nechtain PICTS
Vivacious quality ESPRIT