Universal - Oct 25 2017

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Clues Answers
"Fudge!" relative DARN
''___ circumstances beyond ...'' DUETO
50th U.S. state HAWAII
Actor McGregor EWAN
Actor's hint CUE
Aromatic pouch SACHET
At a distance AFAR
Big-time PC maker DELL
Brother of Moses AARON
Burger unit PATTY
Busters of dealers NARCS
Camera openings APERTURES
Click the fingers SNAP
Close by NEAR
Common house pet CAT
Commotion HOOHAH
Competent ABLE
Complaintive fish? CARP
Containing iron FERRIC
Day's first light DAWN
Diagram or plan SCHEMA
Droplet BEAD
Early morning moistures DEWS
Elan vital LIFEFORCE
Expired DIED
Expressions of scorn SNEERS
Fictional detective Nero WOLFE
Flute relative RECORDER
Flying saucers, e.g UFOS
Folk wisdom LORE
Frozen rain HAIL
Funnel-shaped flowers LILIES
Geological time unit EPOCH
Grannies' two ENS
Gray coastal eagle ERNE
How tragic news is delivered WITHAHEAVYHEART
Clues Answers
Huge in scale EPIC
Impolite "shhh" SHUTUP
Indian bread NAAN
Indoor sports venue ARENA
Iraq neighbor IRAN
Itemized bills INVOICES
Lake, city or canal ERIE
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Life-saving man-made pump ARTIFICIALHEART
Light-filled courtyards ATRIA
Likely to cause death LETHAL
Literary Munro SAKI
Look deep inside SEARCHONESHEART
Lowly worker PEON
Mole seeking intelligence SPY
Mythical lake nymph NAIAD
Not belonging to the clergy LAIC
Not humble VAIN
Piano assignments ETUDES
Plugs of tobacco CHAWS
Quick bar drink SHOT
Solitary sort LONER
Some blue shades TEALS
Some cartoon shrieks of pain YEOWS
Start to unravel FRAY
Tear open UNRIP
The 192 in a qt TSPS
The Cure's genre GOTH
Thin cut SLIT
Twinkler up high STAR
Unclothed NAKED
Wanders ROVES
Was sore ACHED
What to step on in de car? DEGAS
Witch doctor SHAMAN
___ out (intimidates mentally) PSYCHS
___'acte (intermission term) ENTR