The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,904 - Oct 24 2017

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Clues Answers
Advertisement French king rejected reveals bottom POSTERIOR
Boat's back seat repaired by sailors ASTERN
Books I found among maps showing sunken land ATLANTIS
Catch 125, possibly saving seconds -- it's what a guy must do TAKETHESTRAIN
Citizen in film embraces the Rhode Island girl KATHERINE
City fox marauding might be this! ATHENS
Crucial match that turns ruddy chilly DECIDER
Daughter with strange kitchen instrument DRUM
Doctor bringing in nothing on average MEDIOCRE
Draw and quarter old hangman SKETCH
Faithless lover leaves Cretan mountain CRESSIDA
Faltering guards seen after one town sacked INTWOMINDS
Fees set for law sessions TERMS
French novelist to elect in reshuffle COLETTE
Clues Answers
Getting on N66 with a boarding pass CONVIVIAL
Home help beginning to articulate happy song AUPAIR
Increase tax within European sheltered zone ELEVATE
Intend getting litres into bowl PLAN
Landlord with brains printed notepaper LETTERHEAD
Mike in bar for jazz dance STOMP
Number moving right to snare volunteers retreating in war zone THEATRE
One giving name after opening rounds DONOR
Order placed in fishmonger's perhaps with husband out for seafood SCALLOP
Ruler beneath his crimson robe discovers insect PURPLEEMPEROR
School staff first to find baboon MANDRILL
Shakespearean forest burning endlessly ARDEN
Some tuna utilise other sea creatures NAUTILI
Validate changes coming about with widespread feeling TIDALWAVE