- Dec 9 2008

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Clues Answers
''Drat!'' OHDARN
''Gone With the Wind'' plantation TARA
''No purchase necessary'' contest SWEEPSTAKES
100-yard race DASH
Above OVER
Actors' signals CUES
Adorable CUTE
Angel's topper HALO
Anger IRE
Biblical boat ARK
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Chick's chirp PEEP
Cleaning cloth RAG
Clears (of) RIDS
Commotion FUSS
Counterfeit coin SLUG
Cowboy movie WESTERN
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Cuts branches from trees LOPS
Decrease in strength WANE
Dracula's title COUNT
Drought dangers BRUSHFIRES
Eat quickly SHOVELITIN
Etc., for one ABBR
Exist LIVE
Fail to hold onto DROP
Farmland unit ACRE
Feel instinctively SENSE
Formal dances BALLS
Give advice to COUNSEL
Give an answer RESPOND
Gives rise to SPAWNS
Golf-course vehicles CARTS
Golfer's goal PAR
Green citrus fruit LIME
Interrupt on the dance floor CUTIN
Iowa crop CORN
Italian coin EURO
Clues Answers
Keep an __ the ground EARTO
Lab-maze runners RATS
Leg joint KNEE
Light-switch settings ONS
Make a trade SWAP
Male children SONS
Move forcibly into, as a crowd PLOWTHROUGH
Night before EVE
On the ocean ATSEA
One walking back and forth PACER
Oodles ATON
Overhead railroads ELS
Penny CENT
Picnic site PARK
Piece of fairway turf DIVOT
Pioneers' vehicles WAGONS
Pre-Easter time LENT
Pub mug STEIN
Pulled apart TORE
Royal residences CASTLES
Select, with ''for'' OPT
Shade of color HUE
Sign of the future OMEN
Skin-lotion ingredient ALOE
Slow-cooked meal STEW
Story line PLOT
Stretched tight TAUT
Sulked MOPED
Talk back to SASS
Tall buildings TOWERS
Thin openings SLITS
Think alike AGREE
Trash receptacles ASHCANS
Trumpet or bugle HORN
Valentine-card word LOVE
Wear down ERODE
Weekly earnings WAGES
Wetlands MARSHES
Whitish gemstone OPAL