The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,336 - Oct 23 2017

Clues Answers
Admirer hit part of car FANBELT
Artist and band full of enthusiasm RARING
Attractive model with a pen TASTY
Bird left pub before start of extra time LINNET
Bored following half of band, ran off during record FEDUP
British like supporters BRAS
Cheeky? Section of arena talking NATAL
Crazy Duran Duran fans go wild — fee for picture (4,8,3,1,7) FOUR
Drops in drink revenue primarily from boozers DUNKS
Film men wrestling with girls GREMLINS
Flab reduced in work out FATHOM
Group of stars penning intro to Save a Prayer ORISON
Hunk from poster after women WAD
Mutation of organism to one studying land? AGRONOMIST
Old lovers need tablet — nooky when erect? EXES
One inside models for covers CANOPIES
Place again on the box RESET
Clues Answers
Planet Earth features one topless star dressing MARIE
Playing song live ONAIR
Put on pressure to split, film's captured PRETEND
Rejection for Duran Duran song? America is infamous NOTORIOUS
See 26 ROSE
See 6 ANDA
Sex appeal wearing kinky undies turned into a single piece UNITISED
Steal girl? Fancy one seeing someone highly sensitive? ALLERGIST
Still in party? Slip away after girl's left DOGGO
Touch up member of band? ABUT
Upset at teary Simon Le Bon interrupting where some tracks end MARYLEBONE
Wild Boys, initially song and note getting stick at first BARBARIAN
Wit and idols seen playing around circuit GOODSENSE