Canadiana - Oct 23 2017

Clues Answers
14th Greek letter NUN
Abnormal breathing RALE
AM and FM performers DJS
Ashlar STELA
Back muscle LAT
Before, to Browning ERE
Bench SEAT
Big rig SEMI
Blemish BLOT
Bowser or Rex DOG
Bucolic RURAL
Cabbage salad SLAW
Calendar mo AUG
Charles Lamb's pen name ELIA
Checkers pieces MEN
Cleanser SOAP
Cleopatra pal ASP
Conger or Moray EEL
Demise DEATH
Drunkard SOT
Early garden EDEN
Edge RIM
El ____ TORO
Employ USE
Formerly ERST
Freeway approaches RAMPS
Glide SOAR
Goes awry ERRS
Groove RUT
Heroic tale SAGA
Lake between Ontario and Huron ERIE
Latvian capital RIGA
Leafs goalie Turk AKA ____ BRODA
Lettuce COS
Clues Answers
Meadow LEA
Mineral deposit LODE
Ms Leghorn HEN
NHL goalie Curtis Joseph AKA _____ CUJO
NHL Goalie Lorne Worsley AKA _____ GUMP
NHL legend Don Cherry AKA ______ GRAPES
NHL's Yzerman AKA Stevie _____ WONDER
Nuclear particle ATOM
Obese FAT
Off shore ASEA
Offender PERP
Opening GAP
Our smallest prov PEI
Part of the verb to be ARE
Popular HOT
Positions STANCES
Promos ADS
RC Honouree STE
Rocky mound TOR
Ruff's mate REE
Shorebirds CURLEWS
Skirt style ALINE
Sponsor PATRON
Summer cooler ADE
Turfs SODS
Walkway PATH
With Romeo, hot auto ALFA
With up, constrained PENT
Word after Berlin or Brad WALL
Wrinkle CREASE
Yours and mine OUR