Canadiana - Dec 8 2008

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Clues Answers
365 days YEAR
Abominable one YETI
Actor Ackroyd DAN
Actress Thurmond, for one UMA
Appellation NAME
Artist Thomson TOM
Ballerina Kane KAREN
Bar supply ALE
Cartoonist Johnston LYNN
Cheese BRIE
Clothes DUDS
Comedian Candy JOHN
Comedian Carrey JIM
Communications giant Rogers TED
Compass pt ESE
Confined PENT
Convictions, slangily RAPS
Cookie OREO
Created MADE
Evergreen shrub OLEA
Excuse ALIBI
Expel EMIT
Faint DIM
Flank SIDE
Flatbread PITA
Flunk FAIL
Friend, in Francoeur AMI
Garland LEI
Geologic periods ERAS
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hockey legend Orr BOBBY
Hockey maven Cherry DON
Hockeyist Horton TIM
Industrialist Stronach FRANK
Clues Answers
Kids card game SNAP
Landed LIT
Lappish SAMI
Large rabbit HARE
Leave out OMIT
Male deer HART
Malignant EVIL
Marsh plant REED
Marx brother HARPO
Media mogul Thomson ROY
Medicinal herb ALOE
Mexican moola PESO
Mornings, for short AMS
Mother of Isaac SARA
Nursemaid AMAH
Old school ETON
Ordnance AMMO
Overweight OBESE
Parched ARID
Premier Davis BILL
Rage IRE
Red, for one SEA
Ring outcome, for short TKO
Sea bird AUK
Seafood ROE
Shade tree ASH
Shore bird IBIS
Similar AKIN
Spouse MATE
Tack together BASTE
Take a chance RISK
Television guru Znaimer MOSES
The terrible Tsar IVAN
Yea verily AMEN
____ Dorval ILE