The Telegraph - General Knowledge - Oct 8 2017

Clues Answers
'Death in --', Thomas Mann novella and 1971 film with Dirk Bogarde VENICE
-- -- Bubble, 18th-century shares disaster SOUTHSEA
Alligator pear AVOCADO
Another name for the collarbone CLAVICLE
Arthur --, US tennis player ASHE
Athenian who built the labyrinth for Minos in Greek mythology DAEDALUS
Card game that involves losing clothing STRIPPOKER
Headland on the Essex coast NAZE
Historic market town north of Norwich Aylsham
Indic language spoken mainly in part of south-east Pakistan SINDHI
Item of footwear for the beach SANDSHOE
John --, novelist whose works include 'Paradise Postponed' MORTIMER
Largest variety of brown bear KODIAK
Man noted for his amorous adventures CASANOVA
Old-fashioned interjection expressing failure to understand ANAN
Clues Answers
Paul --, Vince Pinner in 'Just Good Friends' NICHOLAS
Person from the island part of Tanzania ZANZIBARI
Place where the Beatles' musical identity was formed CAVERNCLUB
Ranunculus ficaria, lesser celandine PILEWORT
Refrained from insisting on a right or claim WAIVED
Relating to an early type of Homo sapiens CROMAGNON
Renovate, give a new appearance to REVAMP
Russian port 30 miles from Sea of Azov ROSTOV
Silvery metallic element, atomic number 62 SAMARIUM
Terry --, England football manager from 1994 to 1996 VENABLES
Village near Severn View motorway service area AUST
Viscous colourless liquid GLYCOL
Winner of Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977 REDRUM
Woody plateau of SE Belgium, Luxembourg and NE France ARDENNES
Yorkshire football club who spent one year in the Premier League, 1997-98 BARNSLEY