- Oct 21 2017

Clues Answers
''De praescientia __'' (through divine foreknowledge) DEI
''That's right kind of you'' AWGEE
''Today . . . the __ bear only commerce'': MacArthur (9/1945) SEAS
''We value craftsmanship'' site ETSY
1 Across conclusion LET
A's, in G RES
Activity in Showtime's ''Billions'' INSIDERTRADING
Annual folk event since the '30s SADIEHAWKINSDAY
Any of 1.5+ million Google freebies APP
As low as can be SADDEST
Basis for many a formula MILK
Become less aloof THAW
Bike wheel parts HUBS
Bit of a certain summer shower PERSEID
Bush 41, e.g WARHERO
Certain spinet PIANOLA
Chain testing solar-panel packages IKEA
Chess tactic, briefly SAC
Choose what's choice CULL
Chooses a course ENROLLS
Club __ SODAS
Deal-closing venues POWERBREAKFASTS
Different now AMENDED
Exotic macaroni salad ingredient ROE
Far from obvious SLY
Finds awesome ADMIRES
French form of ''Steve'' ETIENNE
Genesis 4 personage SETH
Govt. funder of astronomy projects NSF
Guy giving entrance exams GATEMAN
Half of an in-reverse phrase VERSA
Harsh breath SNORT
Harsh orders DIKTATS
He directed Celeste and Marlon to Oscars ELIA
It may follow above all ELSE
Clues Answers
Lauder beauty/wellness brand AVEDA
Lemon or turkey DUD
Lingering effect ECHO
Lose one's way ERR
Minivans from South Korea SEDONAS
Name related to Inga IGOR
Napoleon's horse, named for a battle MARENGO
NASA low-noise prototype in development SST
No slouch INSHAPE
Offensive, in a sense? FETID
Op-ed perspective, for short POV
Opposite of ''slim pickings'' CHOICEOVERLOAD
Page turner, e.g AIDE
Palatial OPULENT
Paleozoic supercontinent PANGAEA
Part of an awl HAFT
Point on India's Golden Triangle tourist circuit AGRA
Punk jacket ornaments STUDS
Resistance concern of some scientists DRUG
Ride for Elmo TRIKE
Some Coast Guard cutters TRUANTS
Some musicians' acquisitions BAS
Specialty including rhinology ENT
Starter like soli- HELIO
Statesman celebrated by Herodotus SOLON
Steel-center euro coin ONECENT
Subjects of biochemical analyses SERA
Suffix for ''hater'' in a jokey consumable ADE
Tacky stuff BONDS
Ultimate design AIM
Valley noted for ''bottled poetry'' NAPA
What Aristotle thought was born of ''earth worms'' EEL
Without feeling STONILY
Word from the Catalan for ''garlic oil'' AIOLI
__ lark ONA