Universal - Oct 19 2017

Clues Answers
"... ___, whatever will be, will be" SERA
"And so" ERGO
"Beats me" gesture SHRUG
"Consider the job done!" ONIT
"Inner" holy place SANCTUM
"No ___, no glory" GUTS
"The ___ King" LION
"Too bad!" ALAS
"___ have to do" ITLL
"___ It Romantic?" ISNT
"___ will be done" THY
"___, ho!" LAND
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Aggressive strikes from above AIRRAIDS
Ancient Briton PICT
And others, briefly ETAL
Angels' toppers HALOS
Big rolls of money WADS
Bristles HAIRS
Chicken or turkey offering LEG
City in New York UTICA
Cochlea location EAR
Confront FACE
Cuts the grass MOWS
Diplomacy TACT
Dissenting vote NAY
Eyelid maladies STYES
Facilitate ENABLE
Fragment PIECE
Frequent winter ailment FLU
Gives a darn? SEWS
Government insider POLITICO
Hoover, for one GMAN
How a barber will never advise you to have a good time? LETYOURHAIRDOWN
Jamaican citrus fruit UGLI
Lag behind TRAIL
Clues Answers
Lavish bash GALA
Least intelligent OBTUSEST
Little scurriers MICE
Marched along TROD
Masseur employers SPAS
Middays NOONS
More slippery in winter ICIER
Most nail-biting TENSEST
Not straight BENT
Olive, vegetable and corn OILS
One of many in a book PAGE
Painter Degas EDGAR
Participate in the cast of ACTIN
Pencil alternative PEN
Perform again REDO
Pertaining to kings and queens ROYAL
Piece of news ITEM
Postal Service option PERMITREPLYMAIL
Punctuation that pauses COMMA
Rifle type AIR
Salmon variety COHO
Seraglio HAREM
Share, as a check SPLIT
Some cooking herbs OREGANOS
Stitched part of a skirt HEM
Things for bouncers? BALLS
Tidal flood EAGRE
Unseal OPEN
Valuable mine find ORE
Vega's constellation LYRA
Very feminine GIRLY
Vital heart valve AORTA
Who enters your exclusive party? ANYTHATYOUALLOW
With a lack of values AMORAL
Young boy LAD
___ 51 AREA
___ Major (celestial bear) URSA
___ vera ALOE