The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,560 - Oct 17 2017

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Clues Answers
Agitated conductor leading band's climax RATTLED
Bound to leave SKIP
Branch of sweet chestnut's cut ETCH
Business skill returned: very loudly in charge TRAFFIC
Catch up after pro got left behind FORGOTTEN
Charges people from the Highlands leading southern moves? COSTS
Company suggest leaving a place of learning COLLEGE
Country retreat with distinguishing characteristic DENMARK
Customs raid -- it's not unusual TRADITIONS
Female continually creating state of excitement FEVER
Fired up, 50 per cent of encounters were angry ENCOURAGED
Former lover suggested getting bare EXPOSED
Head cleaner has mop bent over SHAMPOO
Hearing sounds back, son must be captivated SESSION
Heroic exploit, whichever way you look at it DEED
Holy man, the old thing that's painful to see around STYE
Clues Answers
Keeping in power involved keeping quiet OWNERSHIP
Mad king wielding the whip LEATHER
Model of car and every train TEACH
Old bishop and minister in study OBSERVE
Putting on an act before start of theatrical finale PRETENDING
Recognised kind of wine regularly taken out KNOWN
Refusal to tuck into any bug ANNOY
Rushed for instance towards the West's diversity RANGE
Say nothing in sin VOICE
Select Poe works to shorten TELESCOPE
Skill fixing fence, if icy EFFICIENCY
Some tailors initially longing to finish this? STITCHING
Thick stews in French cuisine, as they say in Paris KITCHEN
Vehicles, vehicles -- about time! CARTS
Went in hospital department before daughter ENTERED
What person in the Navy could want rubbish on board ship? STRIPES