- Oct 16 2017

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Clues Answers
''Grizzly'' beast BEAR
''Jack and Jill __ up . . .'' WENT
24-hr. cash devices ATMS
Affectionate touch CARESS
Alan of ''M*A*S*H'' ALDA
Amazes AWES
Book of maps ATLAS
Bouquet holder VASE
Brother of Cain ABEL
Chauffeured car, for short LIMO
Clumsy one's remark OOPS
Crowd's disapproving sounds BOOS
Cuts down with an ax HEWS
Depart LEAVE
Des Moines' state IOWA
Divides up with others SHARES
Drop of paint BLOB
Eagle's claw TALON
Edible ice-cream holder CONE
Entered cautiously EASEDIN
French-style pancake CREPE
Gather up, as crops REAP
GI support grp USO
Improper, as influence UNDUE
In a little while LATER
In addition ALSO
Inflated, with ''up'' BLEW
Lamb's father RAM
Lawyers: Abbr ATTYS
Leak slowly SEEP
Leave out OMIT
Lime/gin cocktail GIMLET
Liquid for frying OIL
Loosen, as laces UNDO
Makes mistakes ERRS
Maple or elm TREE
Minor malfunction GLITCH
More weighty HEFTIER
Nautical greeting AHOY
Clues Answers
NHL champs' award STANLEYCUP
Not doing anything IDLE
Not feeling well ILL
Number in a dozen TWELVE
Occupies a chair SITS
One-person performance SOLO
Person, place, or thing NOUN
Personal top scores BESTS
Pizzeria appliance OVEN
Poker pot payment ANTE
Remove creases in clothes PRESS
Renown FAME
Restaurant's list MENU
Rocks from a mine ORES
Rooster or stallion MALE
Sailor's distress signal SOS
School-kid vehicle BUS
Self-images EGOS
Sound in a broadcast AUDIO
Sounds from Santa HOHO
Store events SALES
Submits a paperless tax return EFILES
Subside ABATE
Teapot toppers LIDS
Temporary peace TRUCE
Tips of shoes TOES
Top county-fair award BLUERIBBON
Top military award THEMEDALOFHONOR
Traditional Arctic dome homes IGLOOS
U-turn from SSW NNE
Undecorated BARE
Underneath BELOW
Unlocks OPENS
Very fancy POSH
Voice above bass TENOR
Weapons depot ARMORY
Would like to have WANT
__ vera (skin cream ingredient) ALOE