The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 935 - Oct 15 2017

Clues Answers
A little open area in front of grate AJAR
Academic is starting summer with short vacation in Capri, maybe SCHOLAR
Accent's on ample detailed testing STRESSFUL
Accidentally leak article on runners? SPILLTHEBEANS
Against fellow's independent study on church faith CONFIDENCE
Aiming quietly to come in before mother retires furious HOPPINGMAD
Call about online charge is worth it REWARDING
Check Ford's initial corrosion speed FRUSTRATE
Close to losing way once more AGAIN
Crossing river, elk is grouchy MOROSE
Down under, tree cultivation's simple AUSTERE
Exhausted by current Tory tactic to stay in government? USEDUP
In the long run, we'll get sick UNWELL
In time, revolutionary supporter finds safe haven HARBOUR
King is, with son, a soft touch KISS
Clues Answers
Lied recklessly about direct debit swindle DIDDLE
Locum's about to take wrong file RELIEF
Long to keep Christ, but not church, unsullied PRISTINE
Mean to follow partner who's absent-minded SCATTY
Neutral colour reflected in perfectly ergonomic surroundings GREY
People who pretend to be influential? PLAYERS
Picked up sound from pack of animals HERD
Pinches small naps about midday SKIMPS
Plough in back meadow's left out for August DIGNIFIED
Rising number having great time in a sport NETBALL
Sailor to spoil liner's first outing MARINER
Slip her my poem RHYME
Two chaps, back to back, in the doghouse! KENNEL
Uneven slope did damage LOPSIDED