Universal - Oct 15 2017

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Clues Answers
"Come Sail Away" band STYX
"In ___ case ..." ANY
"Sol" or "space" attachment AERO
"Wild" male hog BOAR
A good day's march ETAPE
A wee Scottish child BAIRN
Adventurous, heroic stories TALES
African language group BANTU
And others, briefly ETAL
Animated figure TOON
Austin Powers' tie ASCOT
Battlefield doc MEDIC
Brit's raincoats MACS
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Bygone autocrats TSARS
Cassette successors CDS
Change entered data RETYPE
Classic TV's "___-Team" THEA
Constricting snake BOA
Creatures similar to gators CROCS
Delivers a diatribe RANTS
Derange, once UNWIT
Diacritical mark TILDE
Dog's wagger TAIL
Dry, as champagne BRUT
English county ESSEX
Fannie ___ MAE
Garment of justice? ROBE
Glossy, brilliant shine LUSTER
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Half a spell POCUS
Headed toward the stern ABAFT
Jealousy ENVY
Lack of difficulty EASE
Letters vital in biology class RNA
Lomb's partner BAUSCH
Clues Answers
Make it GETBY
Makes one's move ACTS
Mysterious Tibetan snowman YETI
Nevada city RENO
Not exciting at all BLAH
Noted loch NESS
Nullify UNDO
Organized crime group MAFIA
Osmond and Antoinette MARIES
Pakistani language URDU
Pay careful attention to HEED
Penny-pinching TIGHT
Power problem OUTAGE
Prey for a dogcatcher CUR
Quite dignified and noble LORDLY
Rough areas GHETTOS
Some believers DEISTS
Some engines DIESELS
Some restaurant containers DOGGYBAGS
Sound from a bell PEAL
Special occasion EVENT
Start of many handwritten letters DEAR
Strapped on the feedbag ATE
Successfully gets over a major embarrassment LIVESDOWN
Sumatran beast ORANG
Sundial numeral III
Take place right after ENSUE
Things to curtsy in DAINTYDRESSES
TV host Philbin REGIS
Unspoken, but understood TACIT
Very sad TRAGIC
Was impressionable? APED
Well ventilated AIRY
Whence kids come home many different colors PAINTBALLLEAGUE
Whimsically comical DROLL
___ Romeo (car maker) ALFA