USA Today - Oct 15 2017

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Clues Answers
"Agnus ___" (mass hymn) DEI
"Elder" or "Younger" Roman statesman CATO
"Old ___" (Disney classic) YELLER
"Scarface" of the underworld CAPONE
"Therefore," to Descartes ERGO
"Toodles!" SEEYA
72, at Augusta National PAR
Auctioneer's cry SOLD
Autostrada auto, for short ALFA
Banyan or baobab TREE
Barking circus performers SEALS
Big name in sportswear design PERRYELLIS
Black ___ (covert activities) OPS
Broody bird HEN
Bus. card listing URL
Colbert of talk TV STEPHEN
Color associated with a high-end jewelry company TIFFANYBLUE
Color to paint a town? RED
Comedy sketch SKIT
Convicted arsonist, e.g FELON
Cusser's mouthwash of old SOAP
Distance between wingtips SPAN
Dog-___ (bookmarked, in a way) EARED
Drummer Krupa GENE
Fabric made from wood pulp RAYON
First sacrament BAPTISM
Four-star review RAVE
Fred Astaire's dancing sister ADELE
Genre of Ice-T or Ice Cube RAP
Gibson of "Lethal Weapon" movies MEL
Habitat for Humanity constructions HOMES
Hall's singing partner in "Rich Girl" OATES
Hebrew alphabet starter ALEPH
Hit the books STUDY
Incite anger in RILE
Italian city where "Otello" premiered MILAN
Lawn party rental TENT
Lesser who played Seinfeld's Uncle Leo LEN
Clues Answers
Lie at rest REPOSE
Like Poe's work EERIE
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Muses count NINE
Nip in the bud ABORT
Norse god who rode Sleipnir ODIN
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Popeye and Bluto SAILORS
Predicting a market decline BEARISH
Projecting rims, as on wheels FLANGES
Publisher of romance novels AVON
Range with a noted statue of Christ ANDES
React to mold, as cheese RIPEN
REM part EYE
Roommate, informally COHAB
Sawing logs, so to speak ASLEEP
Scorpion attack STING
Scouts' finds TALENTS
Seafood snack in a shell SHRIMPTACO
Singer or dancer, e.g ARTISTE
Sondheim's "___ the Woods" INTO
Spray graffiti on TAG
Street vendor's vehicle CART
Strips on some burgers BACON
Sturgeon delicacy ROE
Take away from, with "of" DEPRIVE
Takes a breather RESTS
Talk like a stereotypical gangster RASP
Tee shot dist. units YDS
Test by lifting HEFT
They've been dubbed SIRS
Thorn in one's side PEEVE
Thunder Bay's province ONTARIO
Tidal reflux EBB
Unlike "alternative facts" TRUE
Wayside stopovers INNS
Words on a family crest MOTTO
Zilch NIL
___ Lee cakes SARA