USA Today - Oct 14 2017

Clues Answers
"20 Mule Team" cleaner BORAX
"Dragnet" radio alerts, briefly APBS
"Gangnam Style" rapper PSY
"Merry old" king COLE
"Strawberry" horse ROAN
"This won't hurt ___" ABIT
1950 Asimov classic IROBOT
7-Down-based Japanese fare MISO
Alfred who coined "inferiority complex" ADLER
Annoying sort NOODGE
Appliances in windows, for short ACS
Band's playlist SET
Big name in light beers COORS
Bit of hope RAY
Bit of wampum BEAD
Bodega's neighborhood BARRIO
Brass or bronze ALLOY
Chamber group woodwind OBOE
Chlumsky of "Veep" ANNA
Common placemat shape OVAL
Construction company honcho SITEMANAGER
DeGeneres played one in "Ellen" STOREOWNER
Dust-dwelling pest MITE
English channel, informally, with "the" BEEB
Exploding cigar sound BLAM
Gas in a 46-Down sign NEON
Grp. joined by Montenegro in 2017 NATO
Hair product in pompadours POMADE
Hash house, e.g EATERY
He's to the left of Abe, at Rushmore TEDDY
Head the cast of STARIN
Homeowner's winter option OILHEAT
Improve, as wine AGE
In itself PERSE
Included in the mix ADDED
Job for a tailor TEAR
Letter resembling a P RHO
Like a single sock ODD
Like diehard rooters AVID
Clues Answers
Lily family member ALOE
Literally, "I believe" CREDO
Luau greeting ALOHA
McGregor of "Beauty and the Beast" EWAN
Mentor to some aspiring performers ACTINGCOACH
Mining camp currency SCRIP
Mobile's state (Abbr.) ALA
Moisten in the pan BASTE
Nature's bandage SCAB
Our genus HOMO
Palmer with a links "army" ARNIE
Pancakes served with sour cream BLINI
Parti-colored, like a horse PIED
Participant in some video games ROLEPLAYER
Pick up the tab PAY
Pliers, wrenches et al HANDTOOLS
Quasimodo's love ESMERALDA
Reason to hold one's nose ODOR
Rocky Road holder CONE
Rummy cake BABA
See-through wrap brand SARAN
Slow-pitch softball path ARC
Source of feathers in pillows EIDER
Source of nondairy "milk" SOY
Star-shaped flower ASTER
Supermarket counter DELI
Tic-tac-toe outcome, usually TIE
Trump's "The ___ of the Deal" ART
Upper limit, for short MAX
Van Gogh's lost body part EAR
Verdi opera with elephants AIDA
W.C. Fields expletive DRAT
Wayward GI AWOL
Whodunit suspect, often HEIR
Wilson of "Starsky & Hutch" OWEN
Word before alert or carpet RED
Word ignored in alphabetization THE
___ Avenue ($60 Monopoly buy) BALTIC
___ del Fuego (island group) TIERRA