Wall Street Journal - Oct 14 2017 - Living in the Past

Clues Answers
'Absolutely!' YES
'Are you ___ out?' INOR
'Cake Boss' network TLC
'Cool' amount MIL
'Enigma Variations' composer ELGAR
'Fat chance!' NODICE
'Get out, kitty!' SCAT
'Going my way?' NEEDARIDE
'I dreamt a dream tonight' speaker ROMEO
'My Cup Runneth Over' singer EDAMES
'Sounds about right' ISUSPECTSO
'Totally!' AGREED
Above, to odists OER
Academic inst COLL
Actor Cage, casually NIC
All-around good guy MENSCH
Antipasto item OLIVE
App in the testing phase BETA
Attendance response HERE
Audition goal PART
Aussie lassie SHEILA
B'way purchase TKT
Batter blender WHISK
Brand on a NutRageous wrapper REESES
Braves, on scoreboards ATL
Brush alternative ROLLER
Brushes off SPURNS
Calls the shots DIRECTS
Capital SUPER
Capital on the Merrimack River CONCORD
Cart puller ASS
Casual shoes LOAFERS
Catch some rays SUN
Che's gig, briefly SNL
Chewed (out) REAMED
Chipmunk or chinchilla RODENT
Church decrees CANONS
Co-star of Wilder, Boyle and Feldman GARR
Concludes ENDS
Conference pin-on NAMETAG
Consecrated carpentry tool? THEHOLYSAW
Contrite person RUER
Crude carrier OILER
Cuban leftover ASH
Deceptive ploys RUSES
Disparaging remark SLUR
Donnie played by Depp BRASCO
Dull fellow with gray whiskers? GRIZZLYBORE
Dullea of '2001: A Space Odyssey' KEIR
Email message option RESEND
Excessively overcharged GOUGED
Excite REVUP
Feature of the jack of spades ONEEYE
Filing job, perhaps MANICURE
Filmmaker Anderson WES
First American woman to win the all-around gold in Olympic gymnastics RETTON
Flounder's cousin SOLE
Followed a recurring sequence CYCLED
Forum admins SYSOPS
Frat party garb TOGAS
Glossy gown fabric SATEEN
Golf's cousin PASSAT
Gomer Pyle's org USMC
Gomer Pyle's portrayer NABORS
Had down cold KNEW
He raised Cain ADAM
Herd of fraternity hopefuls? PLEDGEDROVE
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Inca Trail location PERU
Clues Answers
Injures badly MAIMS
Innocent's lack SIN
Italian city famous for its prosciutto PARMA
Jaunty tune LILT
Jazz home UTAH
Joint rooms? CELLS
Jumping chess pieces: Abbr KTS
Keys on maps ISLETS
Lauder of scents ESTEE
Layers of bricks MASONS
Like many Tatars CRIMEAN
Like most of Montana RURAL
Long for WANT
Make small talk CHAT
Many SAT takers SRS
March Madness stage ELITEEIGHT
Marine mollusk MUSSEL
Mic drop sound THUD
Minds the moppets SITS
Move in circles? STIR
Numbered hwy RTE
Old JFK flyer SST
Org. for case workers ABA
Orphan on Broadway ANNIE
Oscar winner for 'Harry and Tonto' ARTCARNEY
P look-alike RHO
Philosopher Wittgenstein LUDWIG
Photo caption of Barrymore vacationing in Paris? TOURISTDREW
Place for a fork ROAD
Postal district ZONE
Prince song '___ U' IHATE
Provides some field support ROOTSON
Radio pioneer MARCONI
Rankle IRK
Rifle rounds AMMO
River through Kashmir INDUS
Room for receptions PARLOR
Saldana of 'Avatar' ZOE
Sgt.'s subordinate CPL
Shtick from a little sucker? MOSQUITOBIT
Six-pt. plays TDS
Slows down IMPEDES
Solemn words VOW
Some Korean smartphones and TVs LGS
Sound from a steakhouse SIZZLE
Sound upstairs? SANE
Spots for mufflers NECKS
State with a northern panhandle IDAHO
Steak tartare ingredient RAWEGG
Summer cooler ICEDTEA
Swell time? HIGHTIDE
Syndicate singer RAT
Take charge of HEAD
Tempo PACE
Theatrical no-show GODOT
Time out HIATUS
Timid government agent? CHICKENFED
Tough to fathom DEEP
Trattoria topping PESTO
Treasury dept. branch IRS
Treat older than sliced bread OREO
Tropical diving bird BOOBY
Twain's 'The Innocents Abroad,' notably? TRAVELINGLIT
Underground band? ORE
Underpinning of WWW pages HTML
Use as a source CITE
Volleyball position SETTER
What a Yankee is doing during the Subway Series? WRESTLINGMET