Universal - Oct 12 2017

Clues Answers
"Be quiet!" SHH
"Grand" wine classification CRU
"New" prefix NEO
"___ be way too hard!" ITD
0.167 oz TSP
Acrobat's precaution NET
Alphabet enders, in Britain ZEDS
App downloader USER
Arthur of tennis fame ASHE
Beastly fairy-tale creature OGRE
Bird of peace DOVE
Blobs on slides AMOEBAS
Brain case? HEAD
Brief life? BIO
Brief snap? PIC
Brillo rival SOS
Brow formation ARC
Cape Coral-to-Port St. Lucie dir ENE
Chilean range ANDES
Citrus fruit variety UGLI
Clumsy one OAF
Complained bitterly (with "against") RAILED
Curvy road shape ESS
Debonair SUAVE
Dorothy's dog TOTO
Easy undertaking CINCH
Fleming of Bond fame IAN
From that time until this time SINCE
Grass hacker SCYTHE
Guy or Girl Friday AIDE
Hailing from the Far East ASIAN
How some things are possible HUMANLY
Improviser ADLIBBER
Israeli gun UZI
It's tender in Tokyo YEN
Itchy skin disorder ECZEMA
Japanese aborigine AINU
Kunis of TV and film MILA
Last word said in "The Wizard of Oz" HOME
Clues Answers
Lebanon neighbor ISRAEL
Living room staples COUCHES
Long-gone VCR maker RCA
Major postgrad projects THESES
Make merry REVEL
Monarch's loyal subject LIEGE
More friendly NICER
Narrow inlet of a waterway RIA
Native American Pueblo peoples ZUNI
Not stay the same VARY
Outfielder's need GLOVE
Peace sign VEE
Peephole spy EYER
Perceive FEEL
Play a role ACT
Professor's staying power? TENURE
Relish SAVOR
Renamed Vietnamese city SAIGON
Resembling waves UNDULANT
Robinson of literature CRUSOE
Ruble fraction KOPECK
Russian monarchs of yore TSARS
Scottish tongue ERSE
Show nervousness TENSEUP
Silencing MUTING
Slanty shanty? LEANTO
Small horse PONY
Some roll-call votes YEAS
Stead LIEU
Stow cargo LADE
Trails cut through forests PATHS
TV's buzzard variety TURKEYVULTURE
TV's container ship or soldier-mover TRANSPORTVESSEL
Words with "barge" or "let" INON
___ Arbor, Mich ANN
___ Doria (ill-fated ship) ANDREA
___ Remus UNCLE
___-Wee Herman PEE