- Oct 12 2017

Clues Answers
'' __ Plenty o' Nuttin''' IGOT
''Fingers crossed!'' HOPESO
''Great'' kid-lit sleuth NATE
''Self'' starter AUTO
''That's it for me'' IQUIT
''The plot thickens!'' OHO
''Trinity'' author URIS
As one pleases ATWILL
Batters' tactics BUNTS
Below-elbow bone ULNA
Biblical role for Crowe NOAH
Bonnie of blues-rock RAITT
Bother persistently GNAWAT
Cake with rum BABA
Camping stuff GEAR
Childish comeback AMTOO
Cobbled together MADE
Concerning ASTO
Cookout supply BUNS
Cut corners, say SNIP
Dandy dressers FOPS
Daughter of Mohammed FATIMA
Defeat decisively ROUT
Don't get along CLASH
Easy mark PATSY
Evil spell CURSE
Family nickname SIS
Field of expertise AREA
Fledgling pigeon SQUAB
Floor decoration THROWRUG
Football great Tarkenton FRAN
Glitch SNAG
Hangs in there LASTS
Happening shortly ONTAP
Horse course OATS
Hotshot PRO
Ibsen protagonist GYNT
Immature YOUNG
Insolent SASSY
Clues Answers
Key left of D CSHARP
Maryland's state bird BALTIMOREORIOLE
Mature insect IMAGO
Metal in lead alloys ANTIMONY
Modest poker hand PAIR
Moolah GELT
Most with August birthdays LEOS
Nautical pronoun SHE
Northwestern legend BIGFOOT
Oceanic predator ORCA
Pastel shade AQUA
PC character format ASCII
Persian Gulf land IRAN
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Pinterest upload IMAGE
Places at stake BETS
Play the lead STAR
Post-Carnival period LENT
Predicament SPOT
Road-surfacing stuff COALTAR
Roman moon goddess LUNA
Ryan's ''La La Land'' costar EMMA
Sharp remark JAB
Sine __ non QUA
Some Navy noncoms CPOS
Strip mall lessors STOREOWNERS
Stylish, during Beatlemania MOD
Superhero based on Norse myth THOR
Tennis great on a 2005 stamp ASHE
Test out TRY
Topping with pine nuts PESTO
Triangular sails JIBS
Undivided ONE
Up in the sky AERIAL
Very lean one SCRAG
Wild animal's trail SPOOR
Yoko __ ONO