The Telegraph - Toughie - Oct 11 2017

Clues Answers
'On your way! Scarper!' Reinforce with sole of boot to get result OFFSHOOT
Acrobatic act needs net -- there's previous form ANTECEDENTS
All note French wine going up in value UNIVERSE
Backing music in a title sequence for epic film TITANIC
Burns composes end of poem inside CREMATES
Criticise involving one showing discomfort PAIN
Dish, largely duck, available in company PLATOON
Drove through pothole backed into gubbins's Italian sports car GRANTURISMO
German city centre without church ESSEN
Given time spuds will be in shreds TATTERS
Her neat gin fizzes laced with smallest splash of tonic -- ominous! THREATENING
In-country Subaru rally entertains RURAL
Instruction for porridge? STIR
Kent coastal town shrouded in fog that's distributed unevenly MISDEALT
Kind of Eighties record breaker, latest in NEWWAVE
Clues Answers
Member with makeshift team protecting new weaponry ARMAMENT
No turning over prop approaching land ONSHORE
Northern predator turned and fled FLOWN
Off colour and on the decline with no obvious solution INDECENT
Old record collector's obsession? MONOMANIA
Pioneer and popular star pushing boundaries of theatre INNOVATE
Plea for peace and mercy is unusual idea sung AGNUSDEI
Received what could be jolly? ROGER
Resistance by Northern Ireland in times to come may be bunk FURNITURE
Say correct weight's fluid, which is clear EGGWHITES
Snaffle now and then to render harmless SAFE
Tarzan's home dismantled to use here? TREEHOUSE
The start of something big coming to nothing is tolerable SOSO
Unrepresentative movement welcoming miscellaneous drips? ABSTRACTART
Yours truly prattling Information Technology, much computerese MEGABIT