USA Today - Oct 11 2017

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Clues Answers
"Animal" fraternity in a Belushi movie DELTAHOUSE
"Click It or Ticket" item SEATBELT
"Famous" cookie maker AMOS
"___ me!" (checkers request) CROWN
2006 movie for which Helen Mirren won an Oscar THEQUEEN
29-Across, once, slangily VEEP
Acting with a lack of caution RASH
Address ending, informally ZIP
Alley cat's wail YOWL
Any major newspaper DAILY
Aria, typically SOLO
Barnyard brayer ASS
Batting practice device TEE
Beyond tipsy LIT
Biographical account LIFEHISTORY
Bowl game venue ARENA
Bug planter SPY
California-Nevada resort area TAHOE
Calm areas of storms EYES
Candidate for the Chippendales dancers HUNK
Changers of Pinocchio's physiognomy LIES
Chivalrous pursuits QUESTS
Command to a canine COME
Credit's opposite DEBIT
Croaker on a lily pad TOAD
Do a teamster's work HAUL
Evergreens with red berries YEWS
Fire escape route STAIRS
Follow to the letter OBEY
Foolish sorts BOZOS
From square one ANEW
Grabs with a cocktail fork STABS
Gulf of the Arabian Sea ADEN
Has a senior moment FORGETS
In a deft manner ABLY
Inflatable bit of camping gear AIRMATTRESS
Instrument in old phonetic alphabets OBOE
Ivana and Marla, to Donald EXES
Like proctored exams TIMED
Clues Answers
Links ride CART
Long-handled tools HOES
Lymphatic system masses NODES
Mike Pence's predecessor JOEBIDEN
Monticello, to Jefferson HOME
Name in copiers and cameras CANON
National flower of the United States ROSE
Negligee material LACE
Oysters' habitats BEDS
PC port type USB
Pitcher's target STRIKEZONE
Places for knockers DOORS
Please to no end ELATE
Produced, as crops GREW
Salutation akin to "dude" BRO
Sends to the pokey JAILS
Sloppy situation MESS
Source of mulberries BUSH
Special talent FORTE
Steeplechase runners HORSES
Stem-to-stern support KEEL
Stunned state DAZE
Supersized movie format IMAX
Sweepstakes statistics ODDS
Take one's time TARRY
Talk in a virtual room CHAT
Throaty "Beg pardon . . ." AHEM
Track shapes, often OVALS
Turf war faction GANG
TV dinner holder TRAY
Use an umbrella, say STAYDRY
Utters, as expletives SPEWS
Verdict deliverer JURY
Waiter in a hotel queue CAB
Yell after a slice, perhaps FORE
Yellen of the Federal Reserve JANET
Zero-chance-of-rain forecast CLEARSKY
Zombie movie genre HORROR
___ fide (genuine) BONA