Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 11 2017

Clues Answers
Bank notes airline entering part of North African city CASBAH
Bar opens letting in criminals - it concerns the people PUBLIC
Cases removed from seacoasts provides fodder for the horses OATS
Caught in colliery by detective with ecstasy and a Christmas delicacy MINCEPIE
Clear what the Pope wrote on the rest that could put you to sleep BULLDOZE
Covering up of skullcaps encouraged in the church APSE
Didn't check out visit by Oriental mafia leader STAYEDON
Is this what's somewhat consuming Jordan? It borders on arachnophobia! ARABIA
Leader misses summit living in the community RESIDENT
No matter - it's not part of shock treatment by design SKETCH
Old ape broke the camel's back taking head off on a rocky hill IMITATOR
One of Mary's followers going to college dance dinner that involves some of the flock? LAMBCHOP
Paper opens bureau to scrutinize how much one person might need to live on DAILYBREAD
Part of backlog repudiated by pantomime villain OGRE
Clues Answers
Peru's oil production is fraught with danger PERILOUS
Pragmatist will have no part in disgraceful sign STIGMA
Produce from area within Mediterranean island CREATE
Removes introduction from New Yorker's autumn article on fashion in Vogue ALLTHERAGE
Reportedly holds place for late, local courageous type going to the bank when drunk BEERBOTTLE
Sign is a bit gruesome nevertheless OMEN
Some coffee choices to reproduce ECHO
Somehow Santa admits last letter reads like a poem STANZA
Sounds like something you'd use to call the detectives is only used occasionally by those coming out of station perhaps BRANCHLINE
Stole from young woman briefly with right-wing dictator? MISAPPROPRIATED
The issue with his novel - it's slightly immature YOUNGISH
Violence without evil ... that's the start of an old story ONCE
Wiggle room in terms of reference? SCOPE
Write something about A-Team leader and arrange it for a musical NOTATE