The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 28,554 - Oct 10 2017

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Clues Answers
Andrew -- Webber, composer LLOYD
Be aware of KNOW
Contagious disease WHOOPINGCOUGH
Defraud; Acker --, clarinettist BILK
Depart LEAVE
Free from restrictions NOHOLDSBARRED
Kept out of sight HID
King's --, Norfolk town LYNN
Large wine cask TUN
Made up for; bought back REDEEMED
Maize pancake TORTILLA
Move slowly TRUNDLE
Observe; review NOTICE
Clues Answers
Originated CREATED
Pleasant; French city NICE
Repair MEND
Requests earnestly APPEALS
Small drops of moisture DEW
Small songbird TIT
Snakelike fish EEL
Submissive MEEK
Supernatural OCCULT
Superstar; graven image IDOL
Support for plants LATTICE
Type of bet YANKEE
Unwanted plant WEED
US writer; plan is in court (anagram) UPTONSINCLAIR
Wickedness SIN