- Oct 7 2017

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Clues Answers
''Good thinking'' SMART
''That's unfortunate'' BUMMER
''Very dangerous'' ''Raiders . . .'' obstacle ASPS
''__ Mundo'' (quest of some Portuguese explorers) NOVO
Birthplace of many inventions RESEARCHLAB
Bit sorted by its spin MESON
Bitter rival, maybe SORELOSER
Bowstring source HEMP
Came around STOPPEDBY
Chamber group: Abbr SENS
Coming-of-age novel that spawned a 2002 film ABOUTABOY
Comprehension GRASP
Cornflower cousin AZURE
Defamation, e.g TORT
Docking data ETAS
Engine-warming circuit PACELAP
Fitting tribute ITSSOYOU
Floodplains, e.g DANGERZONES
Fragment ATOMIZE
Go sideways SLUE
Handling with care TACT
Head into humor TOPBANANA
Instrumental nuance TONE
It might say ''The Grillmaster'' APRON
It's bound to provide relief ATLAS
Jazz engagement NBAGAME
Jazz __ TRIO
Kin to Johannes IVAN
Krispy Kreme contraption ICER
Land with resolution ENDUP
Makes green quickly, in a way SODS
Many a Bosnian SERB
Clues Answers
Musculature, to anatomists SYSTEM
Nam neighbor, with ''the'' PEENS
Name on the 1993 inauguration program MAYA
Night spot ROOST
Nonspeaking governess of Brit lit NANA
Of the, to Ottavia DEI
One with silver-plated keys OBOE
Passing targets TEAMMATES
Place for office mail TRAY
Play too hard, perhaps EMOTE
Result of fast streaming GULCH
Rubble sheet, e.g CEL
See 25 Down COOL
Self-contained CLOSED
Slide rules are no longer in it COMMONUSE
Something to fight for CAUSE
Stigma carrier TABOO
Subject of the book ''The Last Palestinian'' ABBAS
Supercuts product POMADE
Support for some climbers ARBOR
Supporting side AYES
Take off REMOVE
There's nothing wrong with them EDENS
Things in hindsight? STAGS
UN member, 1946-1949 SIAM
Vegan pizza style PRIMAVERA
Wasn't watching DOZED
What a hook might break NOSE
What heads can come out of COINTOSS
With 36 Across, ''Unacceptable'' NOT
__ Radio (former XM partner) AOL