USA Today - Oct 6 2017

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Clues Answers
"Bow-wow" equivalent ARF
"Marat/___" (Peter Weiss play) SADE
"No Exit" playwright Jean-Paul SARTRE
"Roll Tide" school, informally BAMA
"That works for me" YES
"The Wire" stick-up man ___ Little OMAR
"Truth in Engineering" automaker AUDI
Barack's running mate JOE
Bit of subterfuge PLOY
Bring into play USE
Canine visitor to the Emerald City TOTO
Check endorser PAYEE
Choose not to attend SKIP
Church area near the transept APSE
Clan-vs.-clan fight BLOODFEUD
Collection of Ovid's love poems AMORES
Cook-off contestant CHEF
Cops with sniffer dogs, for short NARCS
Cylindrical Chinese appetizer EGGROLL
Decorated, at a patisserie ICED
Deliveries from pulpits SERMONS
Elicit a grin from AMUSE
ESPN factoid STAT
Facebook approvals LIKES
Faded to black ENDED
Fish in casseroles TUNA
Flowers in the iris family, briefly GLADS
Footnote abbr ETAL
General's right-hand person AIDE
Germ for a patent IDEA
Glorifying verses ODES
Gondolier's workplace CANAL
Gunpowder Plot planner of 1605 GUYFAWKES
Had a few too many TOPED
Handling roughly PAWING
Hardly a whole bunch FEW
Home to Disney's Ariel SEA
Hotel hirees MAIDS
Intestinal fortitude GUTS
Clues Answers
Kanye West, for one RAPARTIST
Lacking, with "of" DEVOID
Layer applied by brush COAT
Like "funny money" BOGUS
Like Benedictines or Trappists MONASTIC
Not quite shut AJAR
Oscar ___ (Wienermobile company) MAYER
Particle in a smasher ATOM
Repair shop figure ESTIMATE
Republican-leaning section of a map REDSTATE
Response to "Do you mind?" NOTATALL
Road construction sign MERGE
Scout's good work DEED
Scrapbooker's need GLUE
Server of Duff Beer to Homer MOE
Shake out of slumber ROUSE
Show that spawned the Blues Brothers, informally SNL
Showing little energy INERT
Singer awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth ADELE
Slimy garden pest SLUG
Solemn "yes" IDO
Sound of jackhammers, e.g DIN
Speaker overlooking St. Peter's Square POPE
Starchy fare, informally TATER
Start-up capital SEEDMONEY
State emphatically DECLARE
Suit up in DON
Support a telethon GIVE
Tarzan's adoptive mother, e.g APE
Texter's "Unbelievable!" OMG
They're tracked by Doppler radar STORMS
To boot ELSE
Trash bag closers TIES
Vacuum tube type DIODE
Whacker victim WEED
Wine holder sans handles or stopper CARAFE
Word that can precede the first parts of 17-, 36- and 57-Across, and 11- and 32-Down BAD
___ Kinte ("Roots" role) KUNTA
___ Steaks (mail-order meat company) OMAHA