The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,319 - Oct 3 2017

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Clues Answers
... report of a barbarous gathering ACCRUAL
Arrange completely powerless travel document ASSORT
Being right to worry, with smoke closing in CREATURE
Book? English author gets nothing for one AMOS
Christian playing partners no golfer's backing WESLEYAN
Crystalline mineral cast down toilet BLUEJOHN
Dish to get the runners moving? STARTER
Drink consumed by Arabs, in theory ABSINTHE
Exhibit involving cow and sheep, Hirst's second SHOWPIECE
Footwear all kids init­ially held in derision SNEAKERS
Ice in fixed form circling globe SORBET
Junior's favourite toy's lost its stuffing PETTY
Last of dogs with docked tail SCUT
Mother's daughter flees religious slaughter MASSACRE
Clues Answers
New student in resort finds means of getting up to date REFRESHERCOURSE
No winner's too stretched ALSORAN
Nudged, I retain dis­inclination to move INERTIA
Officer in charge of feeding European prisoners on board POLICECONSTABLE
Old church keeps back wine aplenty for dur­ation of festival OCTAVE
President's taken over, throwing master off jet SPURT
Regulators behind bars providing scientific study OPTICS
Riveting work that could make servant spit PAGETURNER
Spoilt deck shuffled and put in store STOCKPILED
Sports venue broadcasting darts news ... STANDREWS
Staff car JR scratched in American capital MANAGUA
Unexpected point concluding a second-rate game ABRUPT
Where peacekeepers send their reserves, based on dodgy evidence? UNSAFE
£1 among loose coins used for chips? SILICON