- Oct 1 2017

Clues Answers
''Honor Thy Father'' author TALESE
''Peer Gynt'' playwright IBSEN
''Quit nagging me!'' OKOK
''That's a shame!'' AWGEE
''Would __ to you?'' ILIE
1950s headline nickname IKE
52 Across fractions CENTS
Actress Moore DEMI
Adventurous vacations SAFARIS
Aerial camera carrier BLIMP
Aforementioned SAME
Aft part of a plane TAIL
Aid for the stumped HINT
Anecdotal wisdom LORE
Appetizers, on some menus STARTERS
At a distance AFAR
Attention to detail CARE
Author Dinesen ISAK
Be of use to AVAIL
Bookcase fastener SCREW
Braying beasts ASSES
Brilliant accomplishment COUP
Bring to a garage, perhaps TOW
Burns or Byron POET
Canine irritant FLEA
Casual eatery DINER
Cell phone user's woe NORECEPTION
Chip-dip tidbit CHIVE
Circumvent AVERT
City near Florence SIENA
Class with microscopes BIOLAB
Common landscaping tree PINOAK
Common mirror shape OVAL
Conspiring factions CABALS
Cordoned (off) ROPED
Corn product MEAL
Cub Scout leader AKELA
Cut corners SKIMP
Czechs and Serbs SLAVS
De-ices, in a way SALTS
Delighted GLAD
Descendant SCION
Difficult task CHORE
Do the unexpected DEFYCONVENTION
Dry runs TESTS
Election faction POLITICALPARTY
Emmy category DRAMA
Engine sound PURR
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Equinox mo SEPT
Exec's extras PERKS
Face-valued, as bonds ATPAR
Fix up, as a building REHAB
Fraternal org BPOE
French arm BRAS
Fussy person PRIG
Gentle touch CARESS
Gift giver's prompt OPENIT
Global extreme POLE
Gown fabrics SATINS
Have an inkling SENSE
High society ELITE
Industrious employee, informally WORKERBEE
Informal refusal NOPE
Jeweled toppers TIARAS
Kappa preceder IOTA
Korean car KIA
Lake bordering Buffalo ERIE
Light bulb measures WATTS
Lighten (up) EASE
List line ITEM
Low poker pair SIXES
Clues Answers
March together TROOP
Mindful (of) AWARE
Mink relative SABLE
Money in Milan EURO
Morning hrs AMS
Much more than worried INAPANIC
Musical groups BANDS
Nuisance PAIN
Object of adulation IDOL
One and only SOLE
Overwhelm with tasks SWAMP
Parcels out ALLOTS
Pastel purple LILAC
Paying attention ALERT
Pigeon sounds COOS
Plant on trunks MOSS
Plot outline SCENARIO
Prefix for scope PERI
Preholiday times EVES
Prepared to propose KNELT
Presence of mind POISE
Prestigious law school YALE
Prone to large fluctuations SPIKY
Quarterback Manning ELI
Racket target TENNISBALL
Raise, as a flag HOIST
Ready for picking RIPE
Reason to recalculate ERROR
Regretful SORRY
Relinquish formally CEDE
Rental agreement LEASE
Repetitive learning ROTE
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Scoundrel RAT
Seniors' group AARP
Shout of discovery AHA
Sky blue AZURE
Slightly wet MOIST
Slow-cooker entrée PORKROAST
Snowman in ''Frozen'' OLAF
Spring weather event APRILSHOWER
Square-corner shape ELL
Subtle ''Excuse me . . .'' AHEM
Sunlit lobbies ATRIA
Supermarket section DAIRY
Tailor at work SEWER
Teacakes SCONES
Teaser ad PROMO
Teeth expert's deg DDS
Tenacious SCRAPPY
Texting ancestor EMAIL
The Badger St WISC
Thinks highly of ADMIRES
Ties the knot WEDS
Tip jar fillers ONES
Tonic or ginger ale DRINKMIXER
Toothpaste portion GLOB
Trampled (on) TROD
Trial software BETAS
Typical Saudi ARAB
USAF offense AWOL
Very funny folks RIOTS
Very long time EONS
Video arcade pioneer ATARI
Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect LIN
Was transported RODE
Where a judge is in charge COURT
Wholesale quantity CASE
Without commitments FREE
Yoga accessory MAT