Universal - Sep 30 2017

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Clues Answers
"... ___ lender be" NORA
"Steppenwolf" author Hermann HESSE
"Tres ___" ("very well," in French) BIEN
A la ___ (menu phrase) CARTE
Artist Warhol ANDY
Author Blyton or Bagnold ENID
Bangladeshi currency TAKA
Becomes less intense ABATES
Big horn TUBA
Big semi trucks RIGS
Certifiable? INSANE
Coffee container MUG
Comic Anderson LOUIE
Croat or Serb, e.g SLAV
Crumbly fertilizer MARL
Cultured gem PEARL
Desert rest stops OASES
Early arrival (var.) PREMIE
Emulate a parrot REPEAT
Even though ALBEIT
Freezer forerunner ICEHOUSE
French coastal city BREST
Goofs ERRS
Guarantee or notarize CERTIFY
Harmful precipitation ACIDRAIN
Harrison's archaeologist INDIANA
Have the look of SEEM
Having fits of laughter with "clot," "sun" and "van" CONVULSANT
Improvise ADLIB
Indian garment SARI
It's full of words VOCABULARY
Japanese belt OBI
Key near Caps Lock TAB
Made comments REMARKED
Majority of Earth OCEAN
Mammal's coat PELAGE
Clues Answers
Matures on the vine RIPENS
McCann or Wallace LILA
Messy person SLOB
Midterm, for one TEST
Most delicious YUMMIEST
New Year's shower CONFETTI
Not us THEM
Notorious African fly TSETSE
Oklahoma city TULSA
Old-style "for fear that" LEST
On the briny ASEA
Overhead engine parts CAMS
Pale tannish color ECRU
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Pre-Novocain application ETHER
Pressure unit PASCAL
Prophet SEER
Rain clouds NIMBI
Rowboat necessity OAR
Rx overseer FDA
Some Greek letters NUS
Stadium section TIER
Star's go-betweens AGENTS
State of excitement AROUSAL
Sword that's blunted EPEE
The disclosing of a secret with "vile," "dent" and "gum" DIVULGEMENT
The things on the house? FREEBIES
Took a header TUMBLED
Type of exam or vaccine ORAL
Various metal wastes SLAGS
With a slanted direction ASLOPE
Word attached to "fall" PRAT
Work periods STINTS
Write a ticket for CITE