New York Times - Sep 29 2017

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Clues Answers
'30 Rock' character with the same first name as its actor TRACY
'Call sometime' GIVEMEARING
'Nothing to get worked up about' ITSNOBIGGIE
'Sweet love of my life,' in a 1976 Bob Dylan song SARA
'The Simpsons' character who claims he can recite pi to 40,000 places APU
Ancient Greek city-state POLIS
Appropriate game POACH
Band of scouts TROOP
Baseball's dead-ball ___ ERA
Bill of 2015's 'Trainwreck' HADER
Bone of the hand or foot PHALANGE
Brain power like you can't believe? TELEKINESIS
Brand of fruit-flavored hard candy JOLLYRANCHER
Burn a bit SINGE
Cable channel owned by NBCUniversal USA
Certain neckline VEE
Consequently ERGO
Contrail contents VAPOR
Division indicator SLASH
Electrify AROUSE
English socialite Middleton PIPPA
Female friend, to Felipe AMIGA
Float fixer SODAJERK
French 101 word or, with a different meaning, Spanish 101 word TRES
Gabriel García Márquez called him 'the greatest poet of the 20th century, in any language' PABLONERUDA
Greatly regret LAMENT
Grouper, for one SEABASS
Home to Raqqa SYRIA
Home ___ advantage ICE
Image on many a rupee banknote GANDHI
Interjects something PIPESUP
Item that names a person holding it when its middle letter is removed MIC
Judith of TV's 'Nashville' HOAG
Like some monuments: Abbr NATL
Clues Answers
M.M.A. stoppage TKO
Make a right turn? ATONE
Male-or-female GENDERBINARY
Math whizzes, stereotypically GEEKS
Modern transports used while standing HOVERBOARDS
Mushroom producers ABOMBS
No longer struggling OVERTHEHUMP
Onetime presidential candidate with a divinity degree from Yale GARYHART
Opposed AVERSE
Parent company of Reebok ADIDAS
Point of ___ SALE
Prayer, e.g PLEA
Puny arms? BBGUNS
Rap's Run-___ DMC
Really liked DUG
Sheller's discard POD
Silence GAG
Slack-jawed AGAPE
Slightly fermented baked dish POI
Stationary basketball attempt SETSHOT
Streaming hiccups LAGS
Sushi bar beverage, perhaps ASAHI
Sushi bar fish AHI
Takes off LEAVES
They have tubes attached IVS
Type of property, in real-estate lingo RELO
University department, in course descriptions PSY
What's not a sin in math class? COS
Words from the chickenhearted IDARENOT
Zinger MOT
___ Xtra (Coca-Cola product) PIBB