Universal - Sep 27 2017

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Clues Answers
"Como ___?" ESTAS
"Yes, captain!" AYE
"___ can!" (optimistic shout) YESWE
4, on a phone GHI
After-school gp PTA
American Shorthair, for one CAT
Artist Picasso PABLO
Big hit in baseball TRIPLE
Big name in tires PIRELLI
Biology topic RNA
Bread variety RYE
Can, but refuses to WONT
Car's radiator cover GRILLE
Ceremony RITUAL
Certain projectile and what it makes BULLETHOLE
Chicken part and what it sits on BREASTPLATE
Chowed down ATE
Church instrument ORGAN
Coffee additive CREAM
Color-mixing board PALETTE
Common fruit APPLE
Dada artist Jean ARP
Decay ROT
DFW listings ETAS
Distress UPSET
Droop SAG
Fish eggs ROE
Further shorten, as lumber RESAW
Get piggy with it? ENGORGE
Hectors NAGS
High-spirited PLUCKY
Holds spellbound RAVISHES
Informal phrase of farewell TAKECARE
Itsy-bitsy piece IOTA
Lad's companion LASS
Land measure ACRE
Clues Answers
Like potato chips and bubble wrap CRACKLY
Like very bad weather NASTY
Major airline DELTA
Malice SPITE
Mao Tse-___ TUNG
Nicholas and Alexander, for two TSARS
Not a st. or blvd AVE
Not deceptive HONEST
Offensive time in Vietnam? TET
Old burner in a lab ETNA
Ones' quarters? WALLET
Overnight activity and where it's done CAMPINGSITE
Pierce with a stake IMPALE
Place to make a quick touchdown AIRSTRIP
Poplar variety ASPEN
Portion to tithe TENTH
Practice boxing SPAR
Psychedelic drug LSD
Refrigerant gas FREON
Shoestring LACE
Simple words of confusion EHS
Soap ingredient LYE
Some high rollers in Chi-town ELS
Somewhat PARTLY
Song of lament DIRGE
Spend the night in a tent SLEEPOUT
Stock phrase ATPAR
Stravinsky or Sikorsky IGOR
The break of day AURORA
Twenty years SCORE
Twirl SPIN
Twosome PAIR
Type of TV OLED
Ultimatum words ORELSE
Univ. teachers PROFS
Well-read thing and some who read it BOOKGROUPS
___ mater ALMA
___ Tome and Principe SAO